What causes WhatsApp not to let you listen to audio?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that has been evolving nonstop over the years , and has become the number one application that helps us communicate in a modern way, sending written messages, Emojis, stickers, images  or better still, voice memos.

The audios in WhatsApp web can be very useful when you want to send a message quickly or you simply do not want to write and use this method to be able to communicate a message.

But even so, there are usually some failures when communicating, such as the fact that they do not listen to our audios or vice versa , this may be due to the lack of the App, the connection or the same equipment that we use . In this article we will show you possible causes of what is happening and some solutions that can help you with the problem.

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  1. What causes WhatsApp not to let you listen to audio?
    1. Possible crash of WhatsApp
    2. No internet connection
    3. missing updates
  2. How to listen to the audios that your contacts send you without problems?
    1. Uninstall and install the app
    2. clear cache

What causes WhatsApp not to let you listen to audio?

The ideal in this case would be to try from the most basic, with possible causes of what may be happening, where one of them could be yours.

The first and most basic thing you should do is check that your loudspeaker works, try calling someone and check if you can hear the other person well in private and loudspeaker, because if the horns of your equipment do not work, the problem is not in the WhatsApp app or connectivity.

The second thing is to check that the case or protector that your phone has is correct and that it is not covering the part where the sound of your phone comes from.

The third thing may be that the application needs our permissions to use the audio and we have not noticed, for that we have to go to the “settings” part, look for “applications”, followed by WhatsApp and in the “permissions of application” we observe if where it says “microphone”  the option is deactivated, if so, we activate it.

Possible crash of WhatsApp

this case is not common at all, WhatsApp is an application that they do not stop updating and working on to improve it, since millions of people use it and that is why although it is not in the possibilities, it is not ruled out that the in case there is a worldwide crash of one of the most used platforms.

No internet connection

You need to verify that you have a good internet connection, that your data is active, or that there is a good signal from the Wi-Fi you are using. For that, what you have to do is open another App or download a web page to see if it opens and updates the news correctly.

You can enter the network settings on your phone through the settings and check if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, if not, you should try placing the password to enter your home Wi-Fi

In the same way, you can activate the mobile data corresponding to the plan of your telephone line and thus be able to access the internet and, consequently, you can send audios on WhatsApp.

missing updates

Possibly the cause is that we have the outdated application on our phone and as a consequence it does not let us listen to the audios that they send us. For that it is necessary to find out if we need to update the App. Although we do not know if after updating the problem persists.

One of the ways to update the App (if the same team has not notified you) is to go to the play store application and search for the WhatsApp App , if the option to “update” appears, it is because a new update is necessary and perhaps doing so will make the application work correctly again.

How to listen to the audios that your contacts send you without problems?

The audios allow us to listen and give more information in less time, however there are times when we do not want the people around us to hear what they have to tell us through a voice note , what can be done in that case is to press the note voice to hear.

By bringing the phone to our ear it automatically goes into call mode and only we hear the message as if it were a private call, another way we have to do it is to decrease the audio volume and listen quietly to the message they have sent us , or if you don’t mind other people listening you can leave it on speaker.

Sometimes it happens that it does not allow us to listen to the message and that is where we have to verify what is happening and what the fault is, and look for options to solve the possible problem.

Uninstall and install the app

You go to “settings”, look for the “applications” option and you will slide until you find the “WhatsApp” App and what we will do is stop or force stop, then we will uninstall it to reinstall it again.

In a nutshell, reinstalling the app will help this get back to factory settings and configurations and restore all features without any hassle.

clear cache

In the “settings” part we look for “applications”, then we go to WhatsApp and look at “memory” there we are going to press the “clear data” and “clear the cache” options. With this, what we will do is delete all the data that can cause some kind of interference or problems with the voice notes in WhatsApp.

Clearing the cache is an effective procedure when it comes to restoring features and removing junk from your phone that prevents specific app features from loading and executing.

Once the previous steps have been carried out, you will be able to identify and be able to solve the problem that prevents you from sending audio , so we can say that these will load correctly and without any problem.


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