How to Successfully Cultivate Japanese Ants

Have you ever heard of Japanese ants? Maybe not many people know this little animal. Japanese ants have recently been used as herbal medicine to cure various diseases, such as diabetes, gout, cholesterol, and heart disease. Even some people believe that consuming Japanese ants regularly can increase the vitality of household life.


Japanese ants, which have the Latin name Tenebrio Molitor, are a type of insect that is more similar to beetles. The difference between Japanese ants compared to other ant species is that they have a hard body, have wings but cannot fly, like to reproduce, live in groups, and are not cannibals.


Japanese antsThe term Japanese ant is the name of its nickname, because the origin of this Japanese ant comes from the Country of the Rising Sun, namely Japan. Although there has not been much research and research examining the efficacy of these insects, some people in other countries have traditionally consumed eggs and insects directly or processed in cooking.


Evidence of the efficacy of Japanese ants has been felt by Teguh Susanto, who suffered from diabetes 1 year ago. The disease he suffered became cured after regularly consuming Japanese ants. Starting from here, Teguh finally started a home business of Japanese ant cultivation.


The resident of Pasuruan, East Java, raises hundreds of ants in small jars at his house. Teguh said that Japanese ant livestock cultivation is not too difficult. It is enough to allow it to breed in a simple container, such as a glass jar filled with cotton as a medium for the home for Japanese ant colonies.


The type of food he provides for his ants is also quite easy to get, namely tape yeast. Based on the experience of several breeders, it is known that out of 10 Japanese ants that are bred can breed to around 200 in 2 months. Feeding can be done once a week with three yeast tape grains. If your cultivation wants to develop quickly, it is advisable to buy about more Japanese ant seeds, which you can harvest in the next 2 months.


The price of one Japanese ant on the market is between 50 thousand and 90 thousand rupiah per head. A pretty fantastic price for one ant. This is more due to the difficulty of obtaining these ants. But the Japanese ants that are raised by Teguh are only sold for 5,000 rupiah per bird. No wonder many customers are looking for Japanese ants that Teguh sells.


Today’s customers don’t only come from the Pasuruan area, but also from other areas such as Mojokerto and Jombang. Within a month, this Japanese ant cultivation can reap a turnover of up to millions of rupiah. However, it is not only profit that is Teguh’s main goal, but to be able to help fellow humans. How to consume Japanese ants can be done in several ways, including by brewing it in hot water or eating it by putting it in the capsule skin.


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