What Is Accounting Program

The accounting program is designed to provide students with a knowledge of fundamental accounting principles and accepted accounting terminology. It should offer opportunities for students to examine a variety of the accounting procedures used to maintain the kind of accurate financial records that are essential to all business and economic activities.  A knowledge of accounting principles and an understand¬ ing of accounting applications can help students maintain accurate personal financial records. They can lead to a career in one of the accounting professions or in an accounting-related field. They can also be of considerable value to self-employed business people.

The accounting courses offered at the general level of difficulty have been designed to help students prepare for direct entry into the work force or for continued education at a college of applied arts and technology. General- level accounting courses are directed towards helping students learn how to interpret general business records and relate them to the financial aspects of both business and personal life.

At the advanced level of difficulty accounting courses have been designed to help students understand theoretical principles, practical applications, and substantive content. Activities of a record keeping or repetitive nature are limited and used only to help students understand underlying accounting principles.

The accounting program at the general level of difficulty should begin with Accounting Introduction (bai) in the Intermediate or Senior Division. Students may then pro¬ ceed to Accounting Applications (baa) and, if a third credit is offered, to Accounting Procedures (bam). It is expected that most schools will find it sufficient to offer a two-credit program in accounting at the general level. Accordingly, all three accounting courses at the general level contain sufficient optional content so that schools will be able to design a comprehensive accounting pro¬ gram of two or three general-level credits and ensure that students have an adequate opportunity to apply both the accounting concepts covered in Accounting Introduction (bai) and the business-related accounting applications outlined in Accounting Applications (baa) and Accounting Procedures.

The accounting program at the advanced level of diffi¬ culty begins with Accounting (bag), which is offered in the Senior Division and is the prerequisite for Accounting Systems (bas) and for Accounting OAC (bag). Schools may then proceed to Accounting Systems (bas) and/or Accounting OAC (BAC).


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