How to successfully start a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is a good idea for many reasons. For example, if we are talking about a particular user, it can be used to unleash their creativity and, over time, get an economic return. This can be through direct income through the platform or through the promotion of its services. On the other hand, if we refer to a business, it will become a way to grow and increase income. In both cases, the difficult thing is to get started. Therefore, here we want to offer a detailed guide to achieve this successfully.

Step-by-step guide to creating a successful YouTube channel

Obviously, the first step is to create a Google account if you do not already have one. This popular search engine is the owner of YouTube, one of the most important video platforms in the world. To get an idea, every minute it receives 500 hours of new content from its users. Currently, it has more than 1 billion spread throughout the world.

That said, we can now begin to discuss the steps that make up this guide.

1. Competitor analysis

It is the first step. Before creating the channel and starting to publish, you have to know what those companies and entrepreneurs in our competition do, what their weaknesses and strengths are and how we can differentiate ourselves from them. That is, what it is about is to carry out an exhaustive market study that allows us to locate ourselves with precision.

2. Define the content strategy

Once we know our position in the market and at what points we can be better than our competition, it is time to develop a content strategy that will later be published through the channel. For example, if we own a furniture store, we can offer tutorials on assembly or decorating tips.

Without a doubt, the creation of the content is the most laborious part of the whole process. The reason? The channel will constantly need new videos to develop its strategy and gain ground from the competition. In this sense, to maintain an adequate rate of publications, working with a freelancer is an excellent idea. Outsourcing this part of the process not only saves costs, but also improves the quality of the final result since you will be a specialized professional.

Taking into account the hours of dedication that the strategic part supposes to avoid recording for the sake of recording will be a great competitive advantage over other YouTube channels. For this reason, having independent professionals to carry out the content strategy or any other of the processes in order to professionalize the channel will be key to achieving success.

3. The channel image

All the videos that we upload to the channel must be recognizable to the naked eye. This will help users to identify our brand and differentiate it from others. Therefore, creating an original, catchy and eye-catching intro and closing seems essential. Again, working with a freelancer can be a good way to start creating your channel’s image. In this case, a professional graphic designer will be a great support for the creation of logos or banners that stand out.

However, as with Facebook pages, we are also required to put our own personal touch on the channel itself. In this sense, YouTube offers many possibilities when it comes to distributing and ordering videos according to their relevance or placing still images, for example. We must think that it has to be as intuitive as possible for the user.

4. Monetization

It is, without a doubt, the end goal of any YouTube channel. This term refers to the possibility of obtaining a financial reward for the content uploaded to the platform. The more visits you have, the more money Google will earn through the advertising inserted in it. We will take a certain percentage of that amount.

However, YouTube, aware of the number of users trying to get money for their creations, does not stop developing new monetization options. In fact, when it comes to businesses, the above formula is rarely overused.

The reason is simple. When a business develops a content strategy on YouTube, the primary objectives are to offer quality content to its users, make itself known and advertise its products and services. If they succeed, they increase their income through indirect means, which are generally more accessible and profitable.

The advantages of creating a YouTube channel

YouTube, as we said before, is the most important streaming video platform in the world and, without a doubt, the preferred one among users. In addition, it belongs to Google and uses a very similar variant of its algorithm to position content. Therefore, creating a channel in it gives us the possibility of accessing practically any segment of the public with a minimal investment.

In addition, creating a YouTube channel is a very quick and easy process that anyone with a minimum of web browsing knowledge can perform. But the possibilities it offers are immense. It is true that achieving success with it is not so easy. However, by following the instructions given in this guide and relying on specialized freelancers, it can become not so complicated or costly in financial terms.

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