How to silence WhatsApp during the holidays

Nowadays we can forget the keys, the coat, and even some important thing that we need, but not the telephone . And it is that mobile phones have become, for better or for worse, one of the main axes of our lives, serving for all kinds of purposes, but above all to keep us connected.

Although this is not always a good thing, since being an element that accompanies us constantly , many times it prevents us from disconnecting. And it is that beyond the groups of friends or family, even if we leave the office we always take with us that group of co-workers who, although silenced, ends up distracting us with constant notifications.

So this year we want to go over with you again the basic guidelines on how to archive conversations to silence WhatsApp , also known as the “Vacation mode” so as not to be disturbed . And it is that recently renewed, this method of archived WhatsApp conversations will allow us to save and hide those conversations that we do not want to have in view when we open the application with just a few clicks:

  • In the main Chats screen, we must press and hold the chat(individual or group) that we want to hide, thus displaying the special options in the upper right part of the menu.
  • Among them we can see an icon similar to a box or folder with an arrow inside, pointing downwards.
  • Just by pressing this button, we will see our chat disappear.
  • Next, we must access the Options of our account, pressing the icon with the three dots at the top of the menu, and select Settings.
  • Once here, we will access the Chatsoptions , where we can confirm if we have activated or not (as well as change it to our liking) the option to prevent archived chats from reappearing automatically when we receive a message in those conversations.

In this way, not only can we prioritize the most important conversations and avoid untimely interruptions of other less important chats, but now, we can also completely disable their notifications . And it is that one of the latest WhatsApp updates brought us these small but very useful changes, explaining that the chats now archived by users will remain in this folder when they receive new messages, that is, they will not jump to the main chats list , thus allowing us to silence WhatsApp without having to avoid the application completely.

In this way, the archived chats will remain thus saved until the user decides to manually unarchive the conversation, and only then will they be able to return to the main list of our WhatsApp conversations. Something that we can do in an inverse way to the previous process.

  • On the main Chats screen, we will now see a small strip in which we will be told that there are archived chats.
  • By clicking on it, we can access the list of silenced conversations.
  • After holding down the chat (individual or group) that we want to unhide, we will see above a button of a box or folder with an arrow pointing upinside it.
  • Just by pressing this button, we will see our chats appear again in the WhatsApp start menu.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that both methods can be used both in the application for mobile devices and through the WhatsApp Web browser application .

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