Canary Farm Business Guide

Birds that have beautiful feathers and sweet voices are always the target of many people, especially men. The beauty of a bird can bring peace and reduce stress levels on the mind. Therefore, it is not uncommon for many people to be willing to spend millions of rupiah to get birds that meet these needs.

As part of the hobby of the men, raising and raising birds is a pretty good business opportunity. One of the most popular birds to keep and decorate the house is the canary bird. The canary breeding and breeding business is arguably a promising business.

This bird, which has the Latin name Serinus Canaria, can be cared for and cared for easily. What is the picture of the canary breeding business so that it can produce rupiah coffers? Come on, please listen!

Knowing the Canaries


Canaries are a breed of birds that have sweet voices and enchanting plumage colors. This bird has the Latin name Serinus Canaria and belongs to the Fringillidae family. The name Kenari is actually the name of a Canary island group in the Atlantic Ocean. The Canary Islands are the natural habitat of this bird.


According to Wikipedia, the canary was first discovered and disseminated by French sailor Jean de Berthan around the 15th century. Canaries have several distinctive features, such as a round head shape, soft feathers, a high chirping sound, tapering legs, and a flat, short beak.

Preparation of Cages and Equipment
Cattle pens for walnuts can be made of wood, bamboo, bars, or wire mesh. The cage size for one to two walnuts is usually 40cm x 40cm x 60cm. However, for the brood cage, it should be even bigger. Don’t forget to add the feed and drink containers. When determining the location of the cage, also pay attention to possible threats and disturbances from other animals such as rats, ants, cats and dogs that can injure or stress your walnuts.

Parent Selection
You can start a canary breeding business with a pair or several pairs of canaries. For beginners, it may still be difficult to distinguish between male and female parent canaries. In general, the differences in male and female walnuts can be seen from their physical appearance. The head of the male canary is usually flatter and flattened while the female is more rounded. Female walnut legs are shorter than males.

Then the color of the fur around the eyes and head on male walnuts is usually lighter and contrasts than female walnuts. To choose a good broodstock, choose one that is agile, has bright eyes, loud voice, and straight fur.

Canary Mating Process The
process of canary mating occurs at certain times, namely when the level of libido and fertility of the broodstock is high (rising), generally after the age of 6 months. Recognize the characteristics of a canary wanting to marry. When two cages containing male and female walnuts are brought together, they usually show a certain reaction. Male canaries that want to fertilize usually crash their body against the walls of the cage while making a loud chirp.

Meanwhile, a female canary that is ready to be fertilized will move its wings while lowering the front of its body, a sign that it is ready to mate. If you see this reaction, the two sires are ready to be put in one cage for the matchmaking and breeding process. After fertilization occurs, separate again so that the female parent can concentrate on producing good eggs.

Activities Canary care activities are not much different from caring for other herbivorous birds. You can add pellets, millets, and a mixture of carrots, broccoli, mustard greens, and chicken eggs for added nutrition. Spray disinfectant on the cage at least 2 weeks.

Doing Marketing
After you successfully breed canaries and the process of separating (weaning) the chicks from their mothers, the next step is to make money. Do the right promotion and marketing so that the canaries you offer sell quickly.

Bird markets, promotions to friends, and taking part in bird competitions are some of the ways you can take to bring in rupiah. In the market, the price of a canary varies considerably, ranging from tens of thousands to over one million rupiah depending on the quality of the bird.

That is a glimpse of the livestock and canary breeding business, hopefully this will inspire your business.

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