How to switch to Japanese voices in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Developed and published by Capcom, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles was eventually localized and published in English-speaking territories. With an entirely new cast of characters and an exciting new setting in late 19th century Japan and Britain, there are tons of new stories and cases to explore here. Players will also have the option to choose between English and Japanese audio tracks as they play. Here’s how to switch to Japanese voices in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Switch to Japanese voices in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

By default, the language of the game is English. To be fair, the vocal track doesn’t make much of a difference, as the vast majority of the game is voiceless anyway, and most of the time you’ll be reading text in dialogue.

However, some animated scenes have a voice, and you can change the sound of these scenes by changing the settings.

You can change the options from the title screen or by opening the menu with the + button. Then go to the Language tab and press left or right on the d-pad to switch between English or Japanese. You can do this at any time, so feel free to change the language to English if you decide that you prefer to experience the game.

It is difficult to recommand an audio track for the jeu, car Ryunosuke and Susato are all the deux of native speakers of the Japanese, but a large part of the game takes place in Grande-Bretagne, or all the NPCs parlent l & # 39; anglais comme mother tongue. However, both Ryunosuke and Susato are fluent in the English language in the game and this soon becomes the default, so if we were to make a recommendation, we would go for the English vocal track.

That’s everything you need to know about how to switch to Japanese voices in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles . Be sure to search dlprivateserver for more tips and information on the game.

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