How to Get All Council Voices in Life is Strange: True Colors

At the very end of Life is Strange: True Colors, Alex will face the consequences of his decisions regarding key characters in the game. If everything is done correctly, then each of them will believe the main character and take her side, which will help to get the best ending. How to achieve this is covered in this guide.

If you are playing the game for the first time, then be careful: there will be small spoilers in this guide. Alas, there is no way without them.

How to get Dhaka’s voice

Chapter 1, scene “The first working day”

It is necessary to correctly pass the order of Dhaka and Diana (sitting directly opposite the bar) for Jed: a cheeseburger with mushrooms and a specialty pie with fries. Also, you should find whiskey for Dhaka.

  1. Talk to Ducky.
  2. Look at the wall with photos (it is slightly to the left in the back of the pub, see the screenshot below).
  3. Go to the room on the second floor. The bottle will be in the couch.

Chapter 4, “Spring Festival” scene

Go to the Black Lantern Pub. There, in the room with the pool table, will be Ducky. On it, you need to use Alex’s ability to then “scan” the surrounding objects. After that, offer the character a dance.

How to get Elenora’s voice

Chapter 2, “Finding the Poppy” scene

After you complete a small story quest with the help of a character, you will be given a choice: to tell the woman about what she forgot or not. Choose the first one, which is “Tell her about Gabe.”

Chapter 3, scene “Thaynor the Monster Slayer”

If you go to a flower shop during RPG, don’t tell Riley about Eleanor’s condition . If you decide not to enter the store, then inaction will work in your favor.

Chapter 4, “Spring Festival” scene

When you find Riley at the bus stop (across the bridge at the flower shop), don’t tell her about your grandmother’s condition . If you don’t find Riley and talk to her, that will work too.

How to get Charlotte’s voice

Chapter 1, ” Badass Daddy” scene

Turn in Gabe Ethan , who is going for a walk in the old mines.

Chapter 2, “Finding the Poppy” scene

You will find Ethan not far from the pub on the pier. Talk to him and find out why his relationship with his mother has deteriorated. Then share this information with Charlotte when you visit her store.

Also, be sure to advise Charlotte to accept the corporation’s offer .

Chapter 3, scene “Mother’s anguish”

When the game prompts you to take Charlotte’s anger from her, don’t do it . Otherwise, you will lose two votes at once on the council.

How to get Pike’s voice

Chapter 4, scene “Interrogation”

Here, on the contrary, you need to use Alex’s ability to take away other people’s emotions. When the opportunity arises to take away Pike’s fear , use it.

How to get Steph’s trust

Fortunately, Steph will be on the heroine’s side in any case – no matter what options the player chooses. You don’t even have to be romantically involved with her.

How to get Ryan’s trust

But getting Ryan’s voice will be the hardest part.

Chapter 1, Scene Finding Ethan

In this scene, when Ryan and Alex are in the building, he will try to turn on the electricity and ask Alex which wire to cut. This is an optional conversation, so it’s very easy to skip if you are far from the character (Ryan will be at the dashboard) or have already triggered another cutscene. So be very careful and take your time. In conversation, choose “Red” .

Chapter 2, scene “Wake”

Support Ryan during the conflict in the first cutscene of the chapter. To do this, you have to lie that you heard Gabe call. Choose the “He’s right” option .

Chapter 2, scene “Joy”

After talking to Ryan, hug him.

Chapter 3, scene “Rhea”

In this scene, Alex shouldn’t be lashing out at her friends. To do this, do not take away Charlotte’s anger.

Chapter 5, scene “City Council”

The moment you have the opportunity to speak with Ryan, select the “Do you believe me?”


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