How to set up Gmail on iPhone

If you have recently switched to the iOS operating system you may encounter some initial difficulties in configuring the various services, do not worry, it is only a matter of time, it only takes a few days to get used to the iOS operating system. In the meantime, if you find it difficult to set up Gmail on iPhone and you need a car, read this guide to know how to do it; I anticipate right away that the procedure to put gmail on iphone is really simple and fast.

You have two possibilities to put gmail on iphone, you can in fact enter the gmail account on iphone and use the iphone mail application to read gmail mail or you can directly download the gmail app; in this guide I will show you both alternatives.

Obviously you will need to have a valid gmail account; if you haven’t already, follow this guide to create a google email address.


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Gmail app

Gmail provides a dedicated app on your iphone that allows you to read your gmail mail on your mobile phone without having to configure the gmail account on your iphone. Once you have downloaded the app, all you have to do is open it and enter your gmail email address and password. That’s all, now your gmail inbox will open and you can read and write messages without having to set up Gmail on iPhone. If instead you want to use put gmail on iphone and read mail with the Apple mail app then continue reading.

Set up Gmail on iPhone

To put gmail on iphone you have to open the iphone settings by pressing the key with the gears symbol. Scroll down and press on Mail , select Accounts  and then press on Add account . finally from the list of e-mail services select Google .

A google authentication window will open where you will first have to enter your gmail email address and press the Next button; then you will have to enter the Password of your gmail account and press the Next button.

Now to finish configuring Gmail on iPhone, only if you have set up two-step verification on gmail, you will need to enter the security code that you will receive via SMS in the mobile number you registered on gmail in the appropriate field. At this point the gmail account on the iphone will be added and in the next screen you can select which elements must be synchronized from gmail on your iphone ( osta ,  Contacts ,  Calendars  and  Notes ); be careful because enabling contact synchronization you may find duplicate contacts. Once finished, press Save to complete the procedure to set up Gmail on iPhone.

Once you have added a gmail account on your iphone, you can consult your gmail mail directly from the iPhone Mail app.

In conclusion, you have two possibilities to put gmail on iphone. You can use the gmail app to read and write messages from this app or you can set up Gmail on iPhone to read mail via your iphone’s mail app.

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