How to create mailing lists

Anyone with an email address cannot fail to receive an avalanche of advertising emails every day; mostly it is spam or junk mail but in addition to this there are also emails from mailing list subscriptions . Do you have emails to send to multiple recipients and are wondering how to create mailing lists? Well, in this short article, without getting too lost in useless chatter, I will explain to you in detail the whole procedure for creating mailing lists.


  • What is a mailing list
  • Create mailing lists
    • Create mailing lists with gmail

What is a mailing list

First of all it is best to clarify what a mailing list is. A mailing list is a method of communication that is based on sending an e-mail message to an indefinite number of recipients. So it is a list of recipients or a list of email addresses.

In conclusion, to answer the question what a mailing list is, we can say, simplifying as much as possible, that a mailing list is an email sent to multiple recipients.

Usually you have to subscribe to receive emails from the mailing list; if you receive emails from mailing lists for which you are not subscribed then it will be junk mail, usually called spam .

Create mailing lists

Now that you know what a mailing list is let’s see how to create mailing lists. I immediately make a premise; on the internet there are many sites that offer the possibility of creating and organizing mailing lists, many of which are also free. These services are recommended for those who need to create periodic mailing lists (perhaps to send newsletters). Instead to send a mailing list without too many pretensions you can very well use your normal e-mail service. All e-mail services, in fact, allow the sending of an e-mail to multiple recipients. The gmail e-mail service, however, allows you to manage mailing lists quickly and easily thanks to labels.

Create mailing lists with gmail

If you use gmail as an e-mail service then the creation of mailing lists will be really simple; unfortunately this procedure is not yet available in the gmail app for smartphones. If you don’t have a gmail address yet, then follow this guide to create a free gmail email account in a couple of minutes.

In practice with gmail you can create one or more labels and associate the email addresses of the mailing list; gmail labels are therefore a kind of group of email addresses.

To create a mailing list with gmail connect to the Google Contacts address from any web browser and log in with your gmail credentials. You will find yourself in front of a web page containing all your gmail contacts. From the left menu click on Create labels and assign a name to the label (which will be a sort of container for email addresses), once done click on save .

Now you will need to assign the email addresses to the label you just created; from the left menu select the Contacts item and uncheck all the contacts you want to add to the mailing list; once finished, press the labels icon at the top (it is the icon next to the three dots symbol) and from the menu that will be displayed select the label you just created.

At this point you have just created the group of email addresses for your mailing list. You can add more at any time by adding addresses to the label as described above.

Now you can send mailing lists directly from gmail; to do this you will normally have to write an email (as you usually do, by clicking on Write on the left) and as an address enter the name you have assigned to the label. At this point write the email and when you are done press on Send ; the email will be automatically sent to all addresses on the mailing list.

If you want mailing list recipients not to see the other email addresses you are sending the mailing list to then enter the label name in the Bcc field instead of To.

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