How to set up my Gmail in Outlook

Google is a global company and currently offers any number of quality services that promise to efficiently help their users. And the email service, Gmail is one of them, where you will find functions that allow you to simplify your day, such as creating automatic responses to the messages received. But in the next tutorial we are going to teach you something that perhaps you did not know and that is to configure your Gmail email in Outlook.

One of the advantages that Google offers us as a client, is that we can through the creation of an account have access to all the services and products. And of course we will enjoy all the advantages and benefits that one of the most used email accounts on the planet has.

You are probably one of the users who did not know that this configuration could be carried out with one of the most efficient email clients that currently exists, such as Outlook. But if you knew this information, you may not know how this operation can be performed. But don’t worry, in this article we will tell you everything you have to do to configure Gmail in Outlook.


  • Considerations to take to configure Gmail email in Outlook
  • Steps to configure Gmail email in Outlook

Considerations to take to configure Gmail email in Outlook

In order for you to configure your Gmail email in Outlook, it is necessary that you take into consideration an important aspect and that has to do with security. Yes, as you are reading it, you must activate two-step verification in your Google account.

If you still do not know what we are referring to, it is a security system used by many platforms to be able to verify that it is the user himself who tries to access the account. In this sense, social networks such as Facebook have adopted two-step verification .

It is also known as 2FA or double factor authentication and through an application that is installed on the mobile. As Authy or Google Authenticator , the latter can be downloaded from the Play Store.

And once you have the App on your mobile, you will associate your Google account with this application and every time you try to access it, you will receive an SMS with a code which you must enter. This code will have an expiration time and at the end another is automatically generated.

Steps to configure Gmail email in Outlook

Now, once you have linked your Google account with the double authentication factor, we will move on to what interests us and that is to configure Gmail email in Outlook . And to begin we must enter the Microsoft tool. While there we will go to the menu and select the option “File” and then select the option “Add account”.

In this section we will be asked to enter our Gmail email address and when we finish we must click on “Connect”. A window will appear on the screen requesting that we enter the password to start the session. It will also be necessary for us to enter the authentication code that will arrive on the phone through the application.

If everything is going smoothly, we will be asked to enter another email address, but we can leave this field blank and to finish you just have to click on the “Done” button. In this way we have configured Gmail in Outlook automatically the emails from Gmail will appear in Outlook.

You did not imagine that it was so easy to make this configuration of our Gmail email in Outlook. But remember that when you want to enter Gmail, you will be asked to enter the double authentication code . So you must always have your phone handy to enter the code, otherwise you will not have access.

In this way we have finished with this interesting tutorial, if any aspect of it has not been clear, we ask you to please send them to us through the comment box. And in this way you have learned to configure your Gmail email in Outlook step by step.


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