How to log in to gmail

Have you recently created a google account but you have never used the google mail service yet and are you wondering how to access gmail ? If you still can’t log into gmail it means that you are doing something wrong but don’t worry because you have come to the right place.

If you spend a few minutes of your life reading this article you will be able to understand how gmail works and you will be able to access gmail from any device, whether it is a PC or a smartphone, you will no longer have problems with view google mail.

But enough with useless and boring preambles and let’s get straight to the point by going to find out how to see gmail mail from any device.


  • How to access Gmail on the web
  • How to enter gmail on your mobile
  • How to get into gmail from Outlook

How to access Gmail on the web

The simplest and fastest way to access gmail and see gmail mail is undoubtedly to connect to the google page from any web browser. From here you will have to click on the word gmail at the top right and on the next page click on Login . In the next screen you will have to enter the gmail address you want to access and click on the Next button and then enter the gmail password and click again on next; if the credentials are correct you will be able to enter gmail and see gmail mail.

If you no longer remember the gmail email address connected to this page and click on the item You do not remember the email address and on the next screen enter your mobile phone number or the recovery email address (depending on how you set the recovery phase when registering on google) and press next to start the procedure for recovering the email address.

How to enter gmail on your mobile

If, on the other hand, you want to access gmail via a mobile phone, in addition to the web browser which is very inconvenient, you can use the gmail app that will allow you to view gmail mail in an extremely fast and practical way. The gmail app is free available for both ios and Android .

After downloading the gmail app on your mobile, start it and click on the sign Sign in at the bottom. If you use an Android phone you can enter gmail without having to do any configuration while if you use an iphone phone enter the gmail email address and then the password and press Next. Authorize the app to show notifications when new messages are received and that’s it; your credentials will remain stored and from now on you just need to open this app to access gmail and see gmail mail.

How to get into gmail from Outlook

You can also view gmail mail via outlook; you just need to set up your account by following the steps below. Open the outlook application and click on File (top left) and then Add account . In the screen that opens, enter your gmail email address and click on the Connect button . At this point the gmail window will open where you will have to enter the password of your gmail mail; once done click on the Sign In button .

At this point you will receive a warning email in your gmail account indicating that a new access has been detected by Internet Explorer, you can safely ignore this email.

If you have enabled two-factor authentication in gmail, a window will open where you will have to enter the code that you will receive via SMS on your mobile phone. In the next screen, press the Allow key and then press the End key to complete the gmail configuration from outlook.

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