How to log in to Infojobs to find a job

Just as society has changed and evolved, the ways of getting a job have also evolved with it, especially thanks to the fact that we have access to the internet. You do not need to have experience to  get a job through social networks , you just have to have certain knowledge regarding the aforementioned networks and let yourself be carried away by their charms.

Infojobs is one of those tools that allow you to have access to multiple job offers and the best thing is that it is an easy-to-use platform. If you are going through a difficult time, don’t worry! Getting a job in times of crisis is also possible. Keep reading this article and you will learn everything you need to create and subscribe to this useful tool that will help you get that job you want so much.

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How to create an account on Infojobs

In order to start the search for a job through this platform, it is essential that you carry out a registration process , where you must follow some fundamental steps and include a series of data that will be extremely important.

  1. Enter its official page through this link.
  2. Put your first name, last name, plus an email; And in case you don’t have it, you must create a new one,which will be linked to your profile, plus a secure password.
  3. Click on ” Save and continue“.
  4. Bearing in mind that when you do so, you will accept the use of this service, the conditions of treatment of your information and the email sending policies of the platform.
  5. Adding to the previous data, the portal will ask you to enter more data, suchas your date of birth, your gender, your contact telephone number, and it will ask you to enter your place of residence, with your zip code and everything that an address is required, then press “Save and Continue.”
  6. Once the aforementioned steps have been completed, the platform will ask you a simple question “ Are you currently working? ”.
  7. If the answer is YES, you must indicate in which companies you work, the position you occupy, your intellectual abilities, your general and technological knowledge and indicate the date on which you started your current job.
  8. If the answer is NO, they will ask you if you have had jobs prior to the application, and if you choose the affirmative option, they will request the same information mentioned above, and if the answer is negative, you only have to skip the questionnaire.
  9. After completing the questionnaire, you must click on “Continue and Save”.
  10. Keep in mind that this platform allows you to build or form a kind of virtual curriculumwhere all the data that you can supply to it will be of utmost importance, especially about your studies and all your knowledge, in such a way that this makes you stand out for about the other applicants.
  11. If you choose the option “I have no studies”, you will automatically continue to the following form, but if you specify your studies you will have to fill in a greater number of boxes, but remember that the more you specify and truthful information you introduce to your curriculum, the greater your opportunities will be.
  12. Once all the previous steps have been completed, Infojobs will send you an automatic email to the email account you entered when you registered.
  13. Look for the message sent by Infojobs in your email; open it and click the “Verify Email” icon.
  14. A pop-up screen will open with your Infojobs profile verifying your email, there you can continue to improve your profile information and enter your photograph.

In this way you will have completed the procedure to create your profile in Infojobs, in a simple and free way .

Procedure to access the Infojobs account

Now, if you have already completed your registration process in Infojobs, we will explain in a detailed and simple way the process to enter or access your Infojobs account both on the web platform and in the application for any mobile device.

From the web

  1. If you want to enter or access the platform through your computeror PC, you can do so through the Infojobs page .
  2. Once inside the main page of Infojobs, you must locate the button called “Candidates access”at the top and click there.
  3. Now, you will find yourself in the login screen, so you must enter your email and password in the respective boxes.

With the App

Follow the steps that we explain below to learn how to use the mobile application:

  1. Depending on your device, access the App Store if you are part of iOS or Play Store if you are part of Android; once there you must search for “InfoJobs -Work and Employment”.
  2. Upon opening, the application will ask you if you want to log in or register, so you must click on “Access” to Start Session.
  3. Continue entering the email affiliated with the platform and the password in their respective fields required to enter, and then click “Enter Infojobs” to complete the start.

How to subscribe to a specific job offer?

To register for a job offer you can do it in two ways: The first one is that the information of an existing job offer has reached your email , so you must click on the link that will include the message of the offer and you will automatically enter the page to register and start the registration process.

The second way is that you have entered the Infojobs platform through the link “Access to candidates” and enter the search page for offers. You must do a search in which you will define the parameters of the same and within the results that appear in the search engine, click on the one that interests you and continue with the “Registration process”.

Now, either in one way or another we will show you how to make a subscription.

  1. When you enter the page, either through the link that you have received in the mail through the message or entered directly, you will find a page where the job offer that interests you will be described. In it you will be able to see all the information of the aforementioned job such as the salary, the name of the company, the requirements to be able to enter, among other things.
  2. You must click on the orange icon that you will find at the bottom of the page (it will tell youwhere to start registering for the job offer).
  3. Then a pop-up window will appear in which you must click on “Enroll with the Basic Service”.
  4. A questionnairewill appear depending on the job offer that you will have to answer and in turn introduce the cover letter. In case you have it done, you just have to copy and paste in the box indicated; It should be noted that this letter will be sent to the potential employer together with your resume.
  5. Then click on “Confirm your Registration”.
  6. After the aforementioned, the following pop-up window will inform you about the result of the process. In the same way, you will observe that the confirmation of the request will be sent to your affiliate email, together with a link in case you want to check the status of your request.
  7. Once you have completed the steps, you have finished the application process and you only have to wait for a responsefrom it.

What are the candidacy statuses that exist and what do they mean?

One of the great advantages of looking for a job in Infojobs is that you have the possibility to follow the status of your application live , which is not allowed in other job portals.

Staying live translates into the fact that you will be informed of the selection process at the same time that the company makes its decisions regarding the resumes received. It is because of the aforementioned that it is necessary to point out each of those states that exist during the process.

Signed up

In this state you will already be enrolled in the job offer you have selected.

CV Read

Most likely, once you have signed up for the job offer, the company begins to manage your resume , which means that it is in the process of being verified by the applicants on the Infojobs platform and by therefore your status changes to CV Read.

You are still in process

“You are still in process”, will mean that the company has classified your resume as, CONTINUE IN SELECTION , be patient and in turn keep an eye on your affiliate email and telephone.

Company message

Alert! , the company may consider that you are suitable for the job for which you have applied; therefore, if this is the case, the company will send you an email.


Otherwise, you can also have a negative response from the company, such as this status. If “Discarded CV” appears, it is surely that your profile did not meet the parameters or requirements that the company requests and needs for the job offered.

It could even happen that you receive this notification without your status being in “CV Read”, since many of those in charge of processing company applications through the platform have tools that allow them to accept or reject based on automatic filters. the candidatures that are presented to them without actually reading your resume.

 Exported CV

When you register, you allow the company to extract the data from your resume to a tool external to Infojobs.

Closed process

This state implies that the company has made the choice to completely close the selection process to the job offered on the aforementioned platform. This does not mean that they have already selected a candidate, but simply that the company decided not to hire anyone.

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