How to log in to Gmail without entering the password?

In the technological age that we live in, it is very normal that all our transactions or extracurricular activities are carried out on social networks. Like Instagram or emails like Gmail. But, of course, creating these accounts is not just creating a user, it is also necessary to create a very strong and personal password .

So we always keep in mind that passwords are like locks that save and protect our most important and private data. P or thing to always remember

The Gmail platform, like other social networks, allows us to recover passwords when we lose or do not remember them, and it is not necessarily by changing them to be able to enter. Therefore, here we will explain in detail some outstanding aspects of the functions that Gmail has to log in without a password.

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  1. What is Google Gmail?
  2. How to log in to my Gmail if I don’t remember anything
  3. How can I recover my password if it was stolen?
  4. Recover your password with a call or SMS
  5. What to do if I do not have a number linked to the recovery form
    1. Answer security questions to recover your password
    2. Create a strong password
    3. Where can I see my current password?
    4. Close and limit access on all devices

What is Google Gmail?

Let’s first talk about what Gmail is and what it offers us; is a service offered by Google to facilitate messages through emails, and it is very easy to create an account . It is a very secure platform, as it has antivirus and spam message filtering, so you don’t have to worry about it and use it comfortably.

One of its most used functions is the connection with Google Drive , with this option you will have access to the cloud where you will find all the information previously saved.

In addition, Gmail offers about 15 GB of storage shared with Drive and Google Photos, which is a disadvantage when using it with very large files. Now, as promised is debt, we will explain what we mentioned at the beginning of logging into your Gmail account without having to enter a password.

How to log in to Gmail without entering the password?

Carrying out or activating this process in Gmail is something simple, without the need for many detours, so the first thing you should know is that your computer must have a lock. This function of logging in with our mobile has even been cataloged. C omo a safety measure , as you yourself who will give you the specific access.

For this, you must go directly to the beginning of Gmail and enter the username of your email as you have always done. Then, on the screen, look for the option of ‘ Security’ , and in ‘ Sign in’. Select Use your phone to log in ‘ , where you will most likely have the option to enter.

To continue, you must follow the steps that are given on the screen, such as confirming that you are trying to access the account from another computer. To do this, they will send you a message that will appear on the screen where you must answer ‘ Yes’. Later, a figure will appear that you must confirm that they are the same on both screens.

If the case is that, you want to deactivate this option, you just have to enter ‘ Security’ again, and in the ‘ Use your phone to log in’ function , you will find the options. Once there, you will have the option of how to deactivate it or add or change your mobile by following a couple of steps like the ones you did before.

On the other hand, if you lost your phone, you have stolen or simply do not have any numbers associated with the same support Google gives certain recommendations q ue worth following . Although, at first the phone and your data will be protected by the screen lock, it is best to go to settings and log out of a device that you no longer use.

How to log in to my Gmail if I don’t remember anything

Gmail is a mail platform that applies different methods to verify your identity, in this way it will be impossible for another person to enter it. In the event that for a strange reason you do not remember your data to log in. As is your email address or password , but you can still log into it.

But for this to be possible it is necessary that you have previously assigned data to be able to recover your account. This data can be an alternate email or your phone number. Then you simply have to follow the steps that we will indicate below to log into your Gmail account.

As you do not remember anything, you must first obtain your email address, to do this, go to the following website . Being on that page you must select the option Have you forgotten your email? Now you must select the most convenient recovery method for you.

In either case, you will receive a message that the system will then ask you, after selecting the recovery method, click on the ‘Next’ option. You will then be asked to enter your first and last name. Then select the ‘Next’ option at this point you will be asked to enter the message you received by text message or by mail , then select the ‘Next’ option.

If everything has gone satisfactorily, you will receive the address or addresses associated with your phone number or alternate email. Now, since you don’t remember the password, you should do the following, go to the following page The next step is to enter your email address that you just recovered and click on the ‘Next’ option.

Now select the option Have you forgotten your password ? The system will ask you to enter the last password you remember, otherwise select the option ‘Try another way’. Now you can choose between receiving a call or text message to verify your identity, this in the case of having associated your phone number with the account.

To finish, enter the code that was sent to you and if everything is correct, the system will offer you the option to change the password . This way you will be able to log into your Gmail account if you don’t remember anything.

How can I recover my password if it was stolen?

Currently there are different ways in which you can be affected by the theft of your Gmail email password . And the Google platform, having full knowledge of this possible situation, offers its users methods to recover their information without major inconvenience, as long as it is possible to verify your identity.

Therefore, if your password was stolen or you simply forgot it, you can apply the method that we explained in the previous title. Where we explain in detail the steps you must follow to be able to recover the password . In this case, only the identity of the user is verified and then a new password is created that has a high security range.

Recover your password with a call or SMS

The most common way that users have to verify their identity is by linking a personal telephone number . Although you can also use an alternate email address, then in the event of an event such as forgetting your email or password, you can use your phone number to recover your account.

Therefore when selecting the option Have you forgotten the password ? You will be asked to verify your identity using the phone number you linked. The system will offer you two options to carry out this process, by means of an SMS message or by call.

It is recommended that you select the text message option and wait for the verification code to arrive. Which you must enter when the system requests it and in this way you can carry out the verification of your identity and continue with the process of recovering your password .

What to do if I do not have a number linked to the recovery form

Many users when creating their Gmail accounts, overlook a very important aspect and that has to do with the verification methods This is necessary, since when wanting to recover an account due to forgetting the password or email address. By linking a phone number, verification of the user’s identity can be done without problems.

But in the same way, Google offers the user other options so that he can verify that it is he and not someone else who tries to enter the account. As they can be entering an alternate email address , but if it is still not possible to carry out the recovery, the platform offers you another way to do it.

Answer security questions to recover your password

Google offers the user a recovery form with which the account can be recovered without having a linked phone number or alternate email. It offers some security questions to verify your identity. It is important that this form is completely filled out and the answers are written without spelling errors.

Create a strong password

Creating a more secure password should be a very important aspect for user security, in this way you can make the task more difficult for cyber hackers. Therefore it is necessary that you take into account some recommendations.

  • When you write your password, do not only enter letters, you also enter numbers that are not consecutive.
  • Also enter capital letters this way your password will be more secure
  • Do not use words that are contained in your personal data, such as work, surname, etc.
  • It is recommended to enter special characters such as $,%, #, etc.
  • Change your passwords frequently, do not use the same one for very long periods of time.

Where can I see my current password?

When we create a password we can choose to save it ourselves or use the Google password manager. And it is none other than Google Smart Lock and in it you can save all your passwords.

To be able to see the one for your Gmail account, you just have to go to the phone settings, then Google, then look for Smart Lock and finally ‘ Saved passwords ‘. When you enter this link, you will be shown a list with all the current passwords.

Close and limit access on all devices

For reasons of security and protection of your Gmail account it is necessary that you close and limit access on all your devices . To carry out this procedure you must do the following, log into your account, then go to the panel on the left side of the screen.

The next step is to select the ‘Security’ option then go to the ‘Your devices’ section and choose the ‘ Manage devices ‘ option . Next you must choose the device where you want to log out and press the ‘Exit’ option.

Advantages and disadvantages of using this Gmail tool

There are many users who find it tedious to have to enter the password every time they go to enter the email. So, by activating this function you will have the opportunity to enter your tray faster , and at the same time you save yourself from looking for how to recover the password you forgot.

However, like all the tools that we can use in networks today, this tool can also have one or another disadvantage. One of them is the one we mentioned before, if you have lost your phone it will be somewhat difficult to recover the account if you do not remember the password , but it is possible.

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