How to log in to Hotmail automatically?

Although it is true that, after the strong renewal promoted by Microsoft developers, Hotmail began to be called directly as Microsoft Outlook, which has an interface similar to Gmail.

Now, nowadays, many people know the email client with its new name which, we can find by default in the hardware of the computer. However, we are reluctant to abandon what has become a historic platform for sending and receiving all kinds of emails.

So today we’re going to pay homage directly to Hotmail, now called Microsoft Outlook. At this point, we can no longer be turning a deaf ear to the queries of our readers.

And that is why, after several people ask us about how Outlook works (what used to be Hotmail). We want to solve all your doubts about Microsoft Outlook and its applications.

But, we are not going to talk about Hotmail in a completely hollow way. If not, what we intend on this occasion is to be able to directly consider how it is possible to enter Hotmail when we already have an account within this service.

What happens is that when Microsoft decided at the time to change the name of Hotmail, to Microsoft Outlook. Many considered that it could bring some confusion directly to less expert users, who did not understand the consequences of the modification.

In fact, there are many who after that experience frequent problems when  signing in to Hotmail email 2016, whether they do it with their web browser or through the Android or iOS applications, and we want to give them a hand.

On this particular occasion, it is basically about teaching them how to log in to Hotmail email 2016, considering that to run this you must have internet on your PC or cell phone. In order to have access to your inbox, in the simplest and fastest way possible.

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  1. How to enter my Hotmail account directly?
    1. Sign in from your Windows or Mac computer
  2. Sign in to Hotmail from Android or iOS
  3. How to save access data to my Outlook account?
  4. How to use my Hotmail email inbox?
  5. Logging in to Hotmail 2016 via One Time Codes
  6. Brief history of Hotmail
  7. How to create a Hotmail email account
  8. Sign in to Hotmail, by using Outlook
  9. Easily sign in to Hotmail
  10. Hotmail ceased to exist over time

How to enter my Hotmail account directly?

The first thing we must mention, when it comes to trying to enter a Hotmail account, or what is the same, to enter an account or the Outlook applications. It is that, although there has been a strong visual and content change on this platform.

The way in which users automatically access their personal accounts, or their inbox, has not changed in the slightest . So, in principle, we shouldn’t have any problems with that.

Since, you can do it from your preferred web browser or directly from the Android and iOS applications.

Sign in from your Windows or Mac computer

Now what interests us are the two boxes that appear on the right side, where it says “Email or phone” and “Password”. You must add exactly that data in each of the boxes and then click on start session. Just as we do with Gmail, with the aim of automatically having access to your messages.

  • For this reason, the first step that we must take to enter Hotmail or have access to mail is to search in any of the most used browsersfor the one that is installed by default on the computer, and enter the official website of this Microsoft service. , or do it from this link. Making sure that the device you are going to use, whether it is your cell phone, Android or computer, has access to the internet.
  • You will see that then, as soon as the page loads, two spaces appear as fields that we have to fill in. And in the first of them, you will place your username, which is the one that will end in or
  • In the second box, you must add the password and after having filled in both data correctly, you must click on login. Either in the hardware of your computer or mobile applications.

We want to highlight that, many times, the problem to automatically enter Hotmail. It has to do with having lost the password, and then you will see that under it is the option I have forgotten my password.

So that Microsoft, through the hardware of the computer, or cell phone, gives us a hand if that is the inconvenience that is affecting us automatically accessing your mail. Having correctly entered our username, previously mentioned in its typology. And selecting the option to give us a hand with the recovery of our forgotten password.

Microsoft will automatically contact us. To, send us a new password to an email or phone number, by code, according to what we have entered when creating our own Hotmail account .

Sign in to Hotmail from Android or iOS

With this new data, we will be able to enter Hotmail again without problems. Also remember that once you have recovered your Hotmail account, you have the possibility of accessing all your emails directly from your smartphone.

Because, in fact, we have the possibility of downloading their official apps for iOS or Android . Then, we log in by entering the username and the new password , and that’s it, to check your emails from the phone.

Also, you should notice that there is another option that says “Keep me signed in” . Note that if you check this option, you will not have to re-enter your login details each time you enter the Outlook page (unless you log out).

Therefore, if you close the browser and reopen it, you will directly enter your email account.

It is useful to save time, but if the computer where you log in is not yours. We recommend that you do not mark it to prevent someone from ending up accessing your account.

How to save access data to my Outlook account?

Saving the access data to your Outlook account is not a difficult task. Because, you have two ways to do it.

One is through the web browser of your choice and the other is to access your user data on your computer.

Now, to be able to enter through your web browser, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that if you do it through Google Chrome ; You must have a Gmail account or email to be able to perform this action.

Then, you will need to Sign in to your Outlook account. And automatically, you will see that at the top of the screen a box appears where it says if you want to save your username and password.

In this way, when you re-enter your email, it will directly redirect you to it without the need to copy the Microsoft Outlook password again .

And the other way is through the user folder of the computer. In which, all the passwords, emails and messages that you have associated with your computer are housed as a .pst file or also on Outlook servers.

How to use my Hotmail email inbox?

Well, now you have managed to log in with Hotmail. So, in a nutshell we are in the inbox. In this part, we are going to have a lot of options.

In this case, we are going to comment on the basic ones. Although, I recommend that you experiment now that you don’t have important emails and the account is “new” in order to learn a little more about Outlook and all the possibilities it offers you.

If you look closely, on the left you have a bar where the folders appear, the one that says ” Input “. It is where the emails that are sent to you arrive, where ” Junk mail” appears, it is the famous spam or junk mail, then there are the drafts, sent, deleted, etc.

This part is quite intuitive, actually in the center we find the content of each folder that we select in the bar mentioned above. And at the top, we have a plethora of options.

In “new” we can create a blank email to send. Then, we have the possibility to “Delete” the emails selected in the center, clean them automatically, move the ones we select to another folder and look at the categories.

If you look closely, on the right you have a gear, where there are several configuration options. Of which, I recommend that you start “investigating” on your own right now.

In recent weeks, there have been changes to the Outlook interface, some users no longer have the top bar, which has been replaced only by the new option (and there you can choose Calendar Event or Email Message). The rest of the interface remains the same, what version of the Outlook interface does your account have?

You also have access to other applications from this same account. If you click on the top left, you find very interesting options such as contacts, calendar, OneDrive (to store files in the cloud). Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Office Online, those you probably already know.

Logging in to Hotmail 2016 via One Time Codes

Well, although the logical thing is that you have already been able to log in to Hotmail mail 2016, we think it is convenient that you also know other details about it.

For example, that this messaging system also offers an entry system through a special code, which we can use on a single exceptional occasion. And that later, it will continue to work as long as we request a new code.

  • To log in to Hotmail through one-time codes, the first thing you should do is go to the official Hotmail website, and select the option Start sessionwith a one-time code.
  • Then a new window will open, in which we will be asked for the email addressthat we want to access, and a telephone number.
  • When we have done it, we will see that once logged in, a kind of blue button appears, which has the phrase ‘Send me the code in a text message’.
  • Then, Hotmail will send us the codethat we have been talking about, directly to our mobile device, and entering it, always only once, unless we repeat the process, we will be able to enter with it.

Brief history of Hotmail

Possibly, this sin of starting this review in a somewhat personal way. But, I still remember how in 2002 I was taking my first steps in the Internet world; and these began with a Hotmail account.

For those of you who don’t know much about the subject, I’m going to do a brief summary before jumping into the rest of this article.

Hotmail was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith back in the day as ” HotMaiL “. And it was, the first webmail service on the Internet, it came out at the same time that RocketMail came out, which would end up becoming Yahoo! Mail.

Released in 1996, free storage at that time was  2 MB. A year after launching this, more than 8.5 million subscribers are reported.

In 1997, Microsoft makes a move that would end up being one of the best in its history, buying for 400 million dollars and uniting Hotmail with MSN services. In this way, MSN Hotmail was born.

The popularity of the service grew overwhelmingly and it ended up becoming the largest webmail service in the world. With more than 30 million users, all this for the year 1999.

Everything was evolving correctly and improving until 2011, when hundreds of pages were accumulated in the Microsoft forums. (the creators of Excel) with complaints from users who lost years and years of saved emails.

In the year 2012, more precisely, from July 31 to February 18, 2013, a transition period began to move from Hotmail to Outlook , the service is renewed with a huge number of new options, adapted to current times and with a considerably improved interface.

But leaving aside the story that is quite extensive, we simply try to summarize the most important parts, we will continue with the practical information of this step by step.

How to create a Hotmail email account

The first thing you should do is go to the official Outlook website (Hotmail). Where, you can see a screen similar to the one you can see in the image below.

On this screen, what you can actually see are a few basic things. Since, the idea is that it is simple and you have access to all the options of Outlook.

First of all, on the left we can see a random advice, which will vary every time you enter this site. On the right you can find the boxes that you should fill in if you have an account to log in to Hotmail or Outlook .

Further down, you have a few help links and at the bottom, there’s what we’re interested in that says, “Don’t have a Microsoft account? Sign up now.” In this place you must click, and wait for the next page to load.

Next, what you are going to see is a form, at the top you must begin to complete everything that is asked of you, they are basically your basic personal data that any service would require to register.

Starting with your name and surnames, in addition to the username to use as an email and a password that you must re-enter for security reasons. Then, select the country where you live, the date of birth and finally your gender.

What we see below is extremely important, since it will ask you for a phone number and an alternative email. This way, in case you ever lose your password or have problems with your account, you can recover all of your information, or access to it, with your phone number.

For this reason, I always say that you put your real data in this account, so as not to have problems in the future. Don’t worry, Microsoft will never use your credit or make any of your data public. Then, confirm the security characters and simply click on “create account” below everything.

Sign in to Hotmail, by using Outlook

Hotmail is an email account used by a large number of people. Outlook is an email manager of said server. Therefore, they are closely related to each other.

Both belong to the Microsoft company, who made the decision to unify them and create a single mail system.

The Microsoft company in 2013 reported that they would make a change to the system. For this, a migration process was established.

This process included the transfer of Hotmail accounts to Outlook, a total amount of 300 million accounts.

This did not cause any problems, as the Hotmail accounts were not deleted or changed. They continued with their same data and information, safely stored, only with an email with a different structure and improved design.

But it may happen that you have a non- Microsoft computer and therefore do not have Outlook . It can also happen that you simply do not have access to the program.

If this happens to you, in this article we will show you how to access Hotmail without the need for Outlook.

Easy access to Hotmail

Technically, Hotmail became Outlook, when these two accounts merged Hotmail began to rely on Outlook for login. Which does not affect anything, since, by having a computer with Microsoft, you can easily access Hotmail.

If in this case you do not have a Microsoft computer, you can use the most common method to access your mail. Go directly to the Outlook web site . Where, you can enter quickly and without complications. You can even directly search for Hotmail in your browser, and the same page will send you to the official Outlook email site.

Hotmail ceased to exist over time

With the aforementioned migration, Hotmail was progressively eliminated, leaving only Outlook in operation. However, users with these accounts can continue to use it with the same data, logging in with the same address and password.

Its objective will be the same, electronic messaging service, only with a better quality transformation. For this reason, it would be best to adapt to this new system, which does not affect users at all and it is most likely that this unification will last.

This change has brought great benefits, after which the company paid 8,500 million dollars to Skype for the Videochat application. This utility has been very popular with users, which is why it has gained a lot of popularity.

So, go directly to the page of Outlook on the web and use your data from your Hotmail email. By doing this you will enter your account and you will be able to continue enjoying the messaging service.

Clarified the points covered in this tutorial, we would like to know if it has been useful to you. You can comment on it in the opinion box below, because your comment is important to us. Have you managed to enter and automatically log in to your Hotmail Outlook email?


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