How to export and import calendars in Windows Live Hotmail

In this article, we will see how to export calendars to Windows Live Hotmail, which can later be imported according to the requirements of other applications. I will also touch on how to subscribe or import calendars.

Login to Hotmail Calendar (you can login to Hotmail and from there you can access Calendar or login directly). Here, click Share and select the calendar you want to export.

Or if you don’t already have it, select Share this calendar, then select the Send people view-only link to your calendar check box and click Get Calendar Links.

Click OK in the Sharing Confirmation dialog box.

The page will now refresh with clickable links. Click on the “ICS: Import to Another Calendar Application” link – or whichever you want, as it also provides HTML or RSS options in addition to the ICS option.

You will see an ICS link window with the desired URL. Copy this. Paste it into the browser URL field and replace “ webcal: // ” at the beginning of the URL with “ http: // ” in the link before running the URL.

The browser will now download the ICS of your Calendar as an .ics file, which you can then send to other users who can import it into other supported applications such as Gmail or Outlook.

If you want to add your calendar to Windows Live Hotmail, click Subscribe. There are two ways to do this:

  • You can import a calendar that does not update automatically. This is known as the ICS file. ICS file format, a standard data interchange format that allows information to be exchanged between different calendar programs.
  • You can subscribe to the calendar online and receive automatic updates.
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