How to recover a Hotmail account

You may need to recover your Hotmail account at some point due to various circumstances, not only due to the fact of having lost the access password, but for other different reasons that do not allow you to use it in any of the cases that we are going to tell you below.

Either because of the loss of the password, because you simply do not remember the complete address or because you do not know any of the things (neither address nor password), or because it is old or is blocked for some kind of reason that you do not know, there are different methods to retrieve them .

But you must have something clear, you will not always obtain a 100% satisfactory result , so it is possible that whatever you do in certain options you will not be able to recover your account, although it never hurts to try all the possibilities that exist.

Recover deleted account

If you are going to recover a Hotmail account that you have deleted on your own or that has been deleted by Microsoft due to inactivity, it is not possible to recover it, that is, after 365 days your account will be deleted and any user could register a new one with the same address.

You should know that Microsoft changes the Hotmail account to inactive when 270 days have passed since the last time you logged in, but if 1 year also passes, it will be deleted and all data will be erased and it can no longer be recovered in that case.

To avoid these problems, if you have more than 1 Hotmail account, it is recommended to at least log in to Hotmail 2 times a year , so you avoid losing it. Even if you don’t do anything, simply accessing it is enough to keep it active.

Recover an old Hotmail account or if you don’t remember it

You may have created a Hotmail account many years ago, so it is already quite old, and it may happen that you no longer remember what the address is and would like to recover it again, in that case you can do something to get Microsoft to help you to bring her back.

Although there is a form, this will only help you if you remember the address, so the only thing you can do is contact Microsoft through any of the available ways to try to recover your account, offering all the possible details that you remember.

You have the website that we leave below, where you have to state your problem in a few characters, you just have to click on “get technical support” , reflect your problem and click on “get help”, you just have to wait for Microsoft to answer you .

Recover account for which I don’t know the password

We have already seen 2 cases, now we are going to see one of the most common, that of recovering a Hotmail account whose password you do not remember . In that case there is a form with which you can retrieve it, you just have to enter the full address and follow the steps of the wizard.

Actually what you are going to do is recover the password of the Hotmail account , at the time we indicated what steps you should follow and the truth is that you should be able to have it again in a short time, you also need an alternative account (for example, Gmail) to complete the process.

Web: Microsoft Technical Support

Recover a blocked Hotmail account

One of the reasons why your Hotmail account could be blocked is due to some type of suspicious activity, although it may be due to other reasons. In that case, you can do two things, contact Microsoft or use the form that we indicated above.

If you opt for the first option, follow these steps:

  • Open the following web:

Web: Microsoft Technical Support

  • Click on ” get technical support “.
  • Now write what you need and click on “get help”, you just have to wait for them to respond.

If you use the form, you will have to fill in a series of fields that an assistant will indicate to you, while if you try to contact a Microsoft technician, it will probably be a more cumbersome method and you could not always obtain good results.

If those steps don’t work for you, you can also do the following:

  • Access the web that we leave you below.

Web: Recover Hotmail account

  • Now write the blocked Hotmail address in the first field and in the other field for the other account to which you want Microsoft to contact you.
  • Finally, fill in the characters that appear and click on “next”. It is only a matter of following the steps of the wizard, they are simple and you will have to put any data that they ask you, the more the better and if you remember them the chances of recovering the account are high.

Surely your Hotmail account is blocked for any of the above reasons, if so now it is likely that it has become clearer what you should do in each situation so that you can recover your Hotmail email and use it again.


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