How to delete a Hotmail / Outlook account

If you are looking for how to permanently delete a Hotmail account then you have come to the right place. We explain step by step how to make your Hotmail and Outlook domain account disappear forever and thus avoid having so many email services that are not used.

Today the Gmail service is the most popular, although Hotmail still has some advantages , but if you have already made the decision to no longer have a Hotmail email account, it is best to close it forever and avoid being hacked by cybercriminals. .

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What you should know about deleting an Outlook account

If you decide to delete your Hotmail and Outlook account once and for all, you should know that it is not an action with immediate effect . Once you complete the procedure to delete your account, you will have a period of 60 days in which, if you log in again, the whole process is reversed, but if you don’t log in again then it will be completely deleted.

Likewise, you should know that by deleting this account you will lose access to any other Microsoft service in addition to your email, from the files stored in OneDrive, accesses to Xbox Live and GamerTag, as well as your ID and the contacts that you have associated in Skype.

If after knowing this, then we explain how you can complete the process, although then you have to wait a couple of months for your account to permanently cease to exist .

Login to your account

The first step of this procedure is that you must enter your account and for this go directly to the Microsoft site , as well as you can enter from Outlook, in that step you must click on the profile image that is in the upper right part, You will see that a menu will be displayed and there click on “View account”.

You will see that when you enter this section of your account, you will have access to all your information to edit it and also to the privacy settings, also to the “Your information” section where there is the option to delete the account and there choose that option which is at the bottom of that menu.

Your information menu

Once you are in the Your information menu you can manage your passwords and also your login data, in the same way all security contacts, however it is not what we are looking for and in this case we must click on “How to close the account ” that you will see towards the end of that screen.

Definitive closure of the Hotmail account

Once you got to this section you will see a list full of links and options, that makes the search to delete the account complex, however you should not let yourself be overwhelmed, because it is the last option on that menu and you can go directly to the aforementioned alternative that will give you access to the final elimination.

When you enter this page, it will take you to a section in which they point out everything you will lose by deleting your Microsoft account , something that we had already warned you about and if you have reached this point it is because you are convinced to do so, so after reading carefully you can press the blue button with the next word at the end.

They will still try to persuade you of your decision and for that reason they will ask you to check each box that contains the detail of the Microsoft benefits that you will lose when deleting your account, then you will see a section in which you must choose the reason why you will delete your account.

After you have checked all the boxes with the information of what you will lose when you delete your account, you have also indicated the reason why you deleted your account, then a continue button will be activated.

Now it only remains to mark the account to close and then the 60 days will begin in which you can still cancel the process to disappear your account, it will be enough to enter with your usual credentials and everything will be reverted automatically.

You will see that when you press the Mark account for closure option, the specific date on which your Hotmail and Outlook account will disappear will appear on the screen , it is important that you remember that these credentials will also no longer be valid for any other Microsoft service that have an associate.

Why delete a Hotmail account

Today Hotmail is not the most popular email service , although it is still widely used to manage banking products and electronic correspondence; However, it is not the safest alternative, at the same time that it does not have the most up-to-date interface to achieve a complete ecosystem without leaving its platform.

Consistently, the Hotmail e domain and Yahoo are the permanent target of cyber attacks aimed at stealing user credentials and security aspect that Gmail is much higher. Other email platforms are also available where user security features are placed at the center.

So is it worth it to delete a Hotmail account? The answer will be yes if you can make aware that you never or almost never use that service, you do not have important accesses linked to this account and you do not receive electronic correspondence of interest in it, if this is your case then it is best to get rid of what you no longer use.



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