How to change Outlook to the classic version of Hotmail

Not all Hotmail, Live or MSN users are pleased with what the new version of Outlook has to offer. Luckily for them, there is a fairly simple method by which they can go back to the classic version of Hotmail .

It is understandable to want to go back to the previous version, as many users were quite comfortable with its tools, options, and interface. If you are one of them, you are lucky, because next we will teach how to do it .

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  1. How do you change the view of your email entry?
  2. Learn how to use the classic version of the Outlook web
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of the Hotmail version

How do you change the view of your email entry?

It is totally understandable that, getting used to the classic version of the inbox, they want to return to it. Changing the view of your email entry is actually quite easy. If this is your case, follow the instructions and you will see how simple it is:

First, log into your Hotmail account . Then in the upper right you will find an icon in the shape of a gear. It is from “Settings” and you must press it.

Una vez allí, deslízate hacia abajo hasta encontrar la opción de “Ver toda la información de Outlook”. Selecciona la casilla que diga “Diseño”.

De ahí, dirígete a “Bandeja de Entrada Prioritarios”. Te aparecerán las opciones de “Ordenar mensajes en Prioritarios y Otros”, y de bajo de esta “No ordenar mis mensajes”, la cual es la que debes seleccionar. Haz clic en guardar, ¡Y listo!

Outlook tiene muchas opciones diferentes para cambiar el diseño y organizar tu bandeja de entrada, sin embargo, no todas estas opciones son tan prácticas en la versión antigua.

So, in case you want to switch back to the Hotmail interface design , you must go to the “Settings” gear and then scroll until you find the option to “Go back to the old version of your Hotmail mail”, select it, and that’s it. .

With this you can continue using the Hotmail layout from Outlook . You can also change the email address to your old domain. To start, you need to delete the current email address like this:

First, go to the page and log into Outlook email , then scroll to the bottom where you will find “Other email addresses”. Your current email address will appear and, below it, the “Remove” button.

Once you select it, you will have to confirm by clicking on “Remove”. You will receive notification that “You have removed an email address from your Microsoft account . 

From there it only remains to create the new address. Now, go to Microsoft Live. Go to “Create a new email address”

Then, select the “New Microsoft account” box, where and where it indicates, write your old email address. Choose Hotmail or Live, depending on the domain you used.

Click on “Save” and when you receive the notification that ” You have changed your Microsoft account” and your new Microsoft account is  [the address you entered] it means that it is ready.

It may take a little over an hour for your new address to be reflected in the Microsoft services you have in use. Important, this option is not valid for those Hotmail or Live accounts that ended in MSN.

Learn how to use the classic version of the Outlook web

If you are not sure or do not remember very well how the classic version of the Outlook web works, do not worry, it is easy and we will explain it to you below.

The first thing to do is create an account in three easy steps . Log in to Outlook, enter an email address and password for the account, and select “Sign in.”

If you want to send messages you must select ” + New Message” at the top of the page. Then write the recipient’s name or email address on the “To” line .

Add a short description in “Subject”, then press “Attach”, to attach files to the message and, finally, after completing the message, select “Send”, and that’s it.

If you want to send a later message, you must compose a message, like the previous form, select ˇ on the edge of the Send button> Send later. Choose the date and time you want to send it. Click Submit.

To forward an email , you must select the message you want to send from the message list. In the upper right corner of the panel of the selected message > Forward. Only one message can be forwarded at a time.

To reply, select the message you want to reply to. In the top corner of the panel select ˇ> Reply or Reply all. The message you are replying to will not appear unless you press ˙˙˙ .

To print messages, select the message you want, select ˙˙˙ at the top of the page, and then Print. After the message preview is open, select Print again. Choose the printer you want and select Print.

To log out,  at the top of the screen, select your account profile photo. Select Sign out and voila!

Advantages and disadvantages of the Hotmail version

Although Outlook and Hotmail have similar functions, such as changing the language of the platform , the truth is that the Hotmail version is not 100% advantageous. However, it is preferred by many.

Just as the Outlook version has pros and cons, the classic version of Hotmail has its own. If you are not entirely sure about switching to this version, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages that can help you make the decision:

Among the advantages , we have that the Hotmail version has a large storage capacity, allowing you to store up to 5 GB of information in your email.

In addition, it has a very good security system patented especially for Hotmail , and it is one of the best in email security. Applications and accessories include a calendar where you can write down tasks. In addition, you can read documents without having to download them.

The disadvantages revolve around its small memory , when it comes to files to send. And that is crowded with advertising, with Hotmail you receive advertising even from sites that you have never accessed.

But remember that the important thing here is that you use the version that best suits your tastes and needs.

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