How to have the classic version of hotmail in Outlook

For several years, the most popular email service in the world was Hotmail. However, that changed when Microsoft decided to replace it with Outlook. Although almost a decade has passed since then, there are many who still prefer the classic version of Hotmail. Even so, few know that you can go back to the old Hotmail .

How to Have the Classic Version of Hotmail in Outlook – Go Back to the Old Hotmail

That’s right, you can still use the domain in your email and the old inbox interface; all while still having access to the full services of Microsoft Outlook with your account. Here ‘s how to do it so you don’t have any problems on your way back to the classic version of Hotmail.

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  1. How can I access the previous version of Outlook?
  2. How to enter a Hotmail email from Outlook?
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    2. From the Outlook app
  3. What settings do I need to keep to see the old Outlook?
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How can I access the previous version of Outlook?

Outlook interface changes have been quite controversial and have received mixed reactions from its users in recent years. The truth is that there are many complaints about the mail inbox, so an option to restore the previous version of Outlook when entering your mail has been enabled.

To do this, you need to uncheck the ‘ Test beta version ‘ box to the right of your inbox after logging into your email. This option will only be available temporarily until the interface comes out of testing and only for some users.

If the option appears in your inbox, you should take the opportunity to make the change as soon as possible , before it is withdrawn. This will make your experience more comfortable if you don’t like the new Outlook style or it’s too hard to adapt, but keep in mind that it’s a purely temporary solution and eventually you’ll have to use the new interface. Although if you want a more stable exchange, you may be interested in opening a Gmail email account .

How to enter a Hotmail email from Outlook?

Although Hotmail has switched to Outlook on all its platforms, you can still use your email with a Hotmail domain on the same Outlook page without any problem. Whether you want to access from the browser or from the application, you can follow the steps below to access your Hotmail account. If, on the other hand, you want to switch to the new Outlook , you can do that too.

In the computer

Enter from your browser to the Outlook Live site and press the ‘ Sign in ‘ option. Once there, you will be able to enter your email address (either Outlook or Hotmail) and your password. To avoid having to enter your login details each time you go to the mail, you can save your password to log in automatically .

From the Outlook app

If you want to keep your mail organized on your phone, you can download the Microsoft Outlook app and sync your account. If you click on ‘Introduction’, the application will guide you to add your email address; but if you want to do it manually, just add an account from Settings. You can integrate Hotmail, Outlook and even Gmail accounts.

What settings do I need to keep to see the old Outlook?

Now, if you want to stay in Outlook, there are a few tricks you can use to make your inbox more comfortable and classic , even after the ‘beta version’ box has disappeared.

To do this, you must configure the appearance of your inbox from your Outlook account. You will do this from the Settings option on the top toolbar , identified as a gear icon. From there you can access any part of the tray settings and layout.


To adjust this option, which shows you a preview text next to each message, you must select ‘ See all Outlook settings ‘ and, under the ‘Layout’ section, locate the option to disable this functionality.

reading pane

The next thing you should disable to have a more classic style in your inbox is the reading pane. This will remove the space to the side of the message list that shows the content of the selected email.

screen density

Finally, select the compact screen density and you will see your inbox receive a dramatic change in appearance that will remind you of the old version of Outlook, with a list of messages that is simpler and more comfortable to use.


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