How to Recover Forgotten Hotmail Password

Hotmail is an email system that achieved great fame at the time, it is almost impossible not to have at least one account on this platform. Therefore, today we tell you how to recover the forgotten Hotmail password .

Next, we are going to show you how to recover a forgotten password for your Outlook or Hotmail account .


  1. How to recover the forgotten password of my Hotmail account?
  2. How to recover the password if I don’t have alternative email?

How to recover the forgotten password of my Hotmail account?

It usually happens to all of us that we forget the password for an account and we no longer have it at an inopportune moment or when we need it most. Here we explain exactly how to recover forgotten Hotmail (Outlook) password.

  1. Visit the official Hotmail website .
  2. Next, click on the login buttonin the upper right corner.
  3. Enter the corresponding Hotmail emailin the corresponding field.
  4. Click « Next».
  5. A box will appear in which you will need to enter your password. In this case, click on the option « You have forgotten your password».
  6. You will see a new window in which you will have to confirm your identity. In other words, you must select an option to receive the security code. The alternate email address you entered when setting up your Hotmail account is essential for this.
  7. Check the appropriate box (it will automatically appear in the pop-up window) and you will immediately receive a linkto this email address.
  8. Just click on the link, which will take you to recover your password.

In this way, you can easily recover your password by following the steps that the system shows you . You will also need to enter a new password

How to recover the password if I don’t have alternative email?

One problem we often run into is the lack of an alternate email address. This means that you have no way of obtaining a verification code . Therefore, we recommend that you change your Outlook Hotmail alternate email or add a new one.

Fortunately, there is a way to recover your password without having to obtain a code . Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the official Hotmail(Outlook) page.
  2. Click on the ” Login” option.
  3. Enter the corresponding email addressand click « Next ».
  4. Once the password box appears, click on « I forgot my password».
  5. A pop-up window willquickly appear asking you to confirm your identity.
  6. Select the option « I don’t have any of these credentials» and click « Next ».
  7. Since you do not have a recovery code, click « No».
  8. You will then need to enter a new password in the emailin order for them to contact you.
  9. Then, you will need to reset your password, using the email you received.

As you can see, Hotmail or Outlook offers very easy alternatives to reset your account , since it also allows you to change or update your account password.


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