How to set password to Facebook on iPhone

Did you know that you can password protect your apps on iPhone? It is a very comfortable functionality so that unwanted access does not occur whenever you are not in front of the mobile. Today we will tell you how to set Facebook password on iPhone .

Set password to Facebook on iPhone

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the users’ favorite apps. It is very comfortable, useful and allows us to communicate with friends or strangers. Of course, for our privacy , if we leave the iPhone to anyone or someone knows our unlock code, they can easily enter the phone and discover what is behind each application.

But this is easily avoided, following this tutorial where we tell you step by step how to set a password to Facebook on iPhone . If you do, it will ask you for a password before opening the application and whoever took your iPhone will not be able to enter.

This feature is native to iOS 12 . It allows restricting the time of use of the application with a password and you will be able to try it now.


  1. Go to Settings> Time of use
  2. Then click Use Code for Airtime
  3. Enter the password you want
  4. Brand All Devices
  5. Below you will see the apps and if you click on Show more, more will be loaded
  6. Select the app you want to password protect (Facebook for example)
  7. Choose Add limit
  8. Select all the apps you want to lock with a password
  9. Determine the time limit, it can be a minute or hours
  10. Finally, click on Add

This is what we show you in the following image:

When you do, you will see that the selected applications ask you for the password to re-enter, since access is restricted. Of course, remember the passwords well to avoid problems.


We hope that the tutorial has been useful for you and that you already know how to set a password to Facebook on iPhone . It is wonderful to be able to do it natively from iOS 12 and without the need to install applications.

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