How to set up and use voice chat on Nintendo Switch

Today we are going to explain how to configure and use voice chat on the Nintendo Switch . It is a very different voice chat system from other consoles, since instead of working through the console itself, it does so through a mobile application that all users who want to chat must have installed.

The way everything works is by downloading the app and logging in with the same account you use on the Switch. In this way, when you start a compatible game, the app will automatically detect it , and will tell you if you want to start the chat. It may seem a bit complicated, but according to Nintendo it is an attempt to make the experience as portable as possible, since according to themselves they have said we all always carry our mobile with us.


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How to set up the Nintendo Switch Online app

The first step you have to take is to download the Nintendo Switch Online application on your mobile . To do this, you can search for it directly in the iOS App Store or the Google Play application store of your Android device, or go to the official website of Nintendo Switch Online to find the direct links to the apps there. Enter the application profile, and choose the option to install it.

Once installed, open the app. The first thing you’ll see is a 3-step explanation that tells you how it works. Press Skip or the arrow that appears after viewing the three screens to continue, and you will arrive at a screen asking you to log in. In it, press the Login button to proceed.

The login process will be done through your mobile browser, in a tab that will open the application. In it, you will first have to write the email and password of your account , or at least the one you use on your Nintendo Switch. Next, a screen will appear in which you will see your username, and in which you have to press the red button Choose this person to continue with the process.

You will return to the Nintendo Switch Online application , where a welcome screen will now appear with the username you have on the selected account. On this screen, click on the Start button that you will see at the bottom to go from the welcome and open the application.

Now that you have logged in, you will arrive at a screen like the one you see in the screenshot. In it, the word Online appears at the top , and just below the Voice Chat option . In another half of the screen that appears with a dark background, you will see a list of games with specific services.

At this point, keep in mind that at the moment the number of games that use this voice chat feature is quite limited. If you click on Voice chat and, once inside, in the Compatible programs option , you will see a list with the current repertoire of compatible games , and the modes in which chat can be used in each one. The list will continue to expand as more compatible games are released.


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