How to Set Parental Controls Nintendo Switch

Parental Controls Nintendo Switch.No matter how good you are at making sure your little guys don’t accidentally stumble upon mature content, there’s always a chance they’ll find it on their own. With parental controls on Nintendo Switch, you can be sure they won’t accidentally play adult games or buy anything without your permission. You can even track and limit your kids’ play time with the Parental Controls app.

The Nintendo Switch has become a fashionable gaming console and one of the most sought after gifts for kids (and not so much for kids). In addition to its revolutionary concept of a portable living room console and original controllers, Nintendo made sure from the outset that We can control parenting time based on the time our children spend at the game console, in which games they spend that time and how. they use social features of the Nintendo Switch. … We can do this thanks to the apps that exist for iOS and Android, and here we explain what we can do with them and how they can be customized.

How to Set Parental Controls Nintendo Switch

Apps in the App Store and Google Play

Nintendo wanted its parental control app to be available to everyone, so we can find them both in Apple’s app stores and on Google. This is a completely free application, and in the case of an application for iOS devices, it is universal. , valid for both iPhone and iPad. You can download them from the following link. If you need an Android version, you can download it from here .


How to add your Nintendo Switch

After downloading the app, the first thing we need to do is create a Nintendo Account, which is completely free and fast. This account will be the one that the Parental Controls app will be linked to, and does not have to be the same as the one you add to Nintendo Switch. I personally recommend that you add your Nintendo Account to the game console, and children create child accounts associated with your main account. … Everything you can make from a link is very fast. This account will be the one you will use to make purchases from the Nintendo Store (adding a card is optional if you are not shopping).


Adding a game console is very easy, you just need to enter the same code on the Nintendo Switch as in the iOS and Android app. You can also add multiple game consoles and they will all remain linked to your account and managed from a single app. Synchronization between game console and app is now almost instant. and the changes you make to the app from now on will be reflected on the game console in less than a second.

Setting limits

From now on, from the application, you can control the time during which all users using the game console play, what games they spend that time, and limit the games they can play by age. , in addition to other options such as the use of chats, etc. All this from this application through the menus that it offers you.

setup 2

The configuration options are quite extensive, we can limit the hours that the game console can be played globally, or day after day if we want a little more time to enjoy it on weekends. We can even set a bedtime on arrival, which doesn’t matter if they still have time. Once you have reached the count or hibernation limit, we can choose whether we want only the warning to be displayed, or we want the application they are using to be suspended directly. 

Nintendo switch

The age restriction works very similarly to the iOS restriction, for example, allowing only those apps that are classified below the age restriction we set. In addition, with each age there are restrictions on topics such as the use of chats or posting on social networks. In any case, We can always get around these restrictions by entering your personal password, which is a 4-digit code. which we also configure from the application itself and which only we should know about.

We’re talking about a parental control app that everyone should set up and use based on their child’s age and the child’s own ability to be responsible for using the Nintendo Switch. The user will always be better off setting their own limits, but this is very difficult when we are talking about small children. that in many cases they do not know where they are going and the consequences of what they are doing. The information and restrictions are combined in an application that turns out to be the perfect addition to this game console and that each of us should use in the most appropriate way, taking into account the abilities and age of our children.

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