How to activate Steam Family Loan to share games

The Steam Family Loan allows you to give games to other members of your family for you to use when you are not playing. Setting it up is easy and expands the possibilities of enjoying new titles on your PC.

How the Family Loan works and what are its limitations

The Steam Family Loan allows other users to access your game library . However, it is not the bargain you may be thinking of. Not all games can be shared, nor are loan adjustments a carte blanche for all of you to play a totally free game.

For starters, the maximum number of accounts that can access your game library is five, but it is not the only limitation to how the Steam Family Loan works . Here are some more:

  • Can only be accessed from 10 different computers
  • Not all games can be loaned
  • Two users cannot play the same game simultaneously
  • You need to have an Internet connection to enter Family Mode

Here’s how to borrow a Steam game step by step.

The first step in releasing one of the games in your library is to activate Steam Guard. You must do it in Steam> Parameters> Account.

If you have not activated this option, you have to. It takes no time and it will protect you against intrusions on your account. Among other things, it is what makes you have to authenticate in two steps to be able to access Steam from a new computer.

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Whether you are going to activate Steam Family Mode or not, you want to always have Steam Guard.

The second step is, of course, to enable Steam’s Family Mode . If you have not done so, you cannot make your games available to other users.

You must go to Steam> Parameters> Family and enable it there. Of course, you will need an essential four-digit PIN to be able to access . With it you will be allowed to add or remove games from Family Mode, thus taking control of which games your family members and friends can enter.

Once you have entered the essential password, access the Family Loan.

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Once inside, you can choose if you want to share your library on the contrary or just a few selected games . The wisest thing to do is opt for the first option, as it gives you some control over your own library at all times.

You just have to click Next to choose which games to share on Steam Family , set the password and a recovery email.

When everything is ready, you will see that Steam shows a green or red icon in the upper right area. When it is green, it means that you are in Family Mode – and therefore you can only play the games that you have shared. When it’s red, you’re in your own private library.

To change from one mode to another you just have to click on the icon and enter the PIN of your Family Mode.

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