How To Connect Nintendo headphones to the Nintendo Switch

We can use headphones on the Nintendo Switch if we want to hear what is happening on our console without having to use our own speaker so as not to disturb those around us. We explain how to do it.

Whether we are going to use the Nintendo console in its desktop version or in its portable version, connecting headphones will allow us to enjoy without disturbing anyone around us. What the Nintendo Switch allows us is to be able to enjoy without the need of the television when we are at home, that someone is watching a movie on the sofa next to us and we are playing without disturbing. But it is in those cases when using Bluetooth headphones can be very interesting.

Connect with cable

It is not the best option and it limits us, but before explaining the wireless connection it contains that you keep in mind that we do not necessarily need Bluetooth headphones but we can also do it with wired headphones

We can connect wired headphones easily, without any difficulty. They are not included with the console but we do find a jack port on top of it in which we can insert or connect headphones or microphones. This will allow us to follow what is happening on the screen without disturbing those around us. Also, right at the top, but in the opposite corner we will find the different volume buttons to adjust the sound we want to have at that moment. But, keep in mind, using cables or wired headphones on the Nintendo Switch is only recommended when using it in portable mode. For example, if you go on the train and want to play without disturbing.

When it comes to playing on the TV, it will be quite uncomfortable because it limits your movements. In this case, we recommend following the steps below to know how to connect headphones or Bluetooth audio devices to the console.

Bluetooth devices

We must take into account a number of aspects before connecting. As explained from the Nintendo website, we cannot use Bluetooth microphones (yes with cable) and we can only connect one Bluetooth audio device at a time. That is, only a wireless headset connected. But we can have up to ten of them registered in the console and change without any problem. Something necessary if you share it with your brother, your partner, your cousin, your children …

If you connect a Bluetooth audio device, we can continue using wireless controllers : they explain from Nintendo that we can connect up to two wireless controllers to the Nintendo Switch console at the same time as a Bluetooth audio device. Two, no more. In addition, the audio device will automatically disconnect when you are playing a multiplayer game in local mode.

Connect, step by step

These are the steps we must follow to connect any Bluetooth speaker or headset as long as it is not connected to another device at the same time.


The first thing to keep in mind is that the console is up to date. You may have a bug if you don’t update to the latest version before setting up your headphones or earphones so follow these quick steps to check that you have the latest version available. In addition, from the Nintendo customer service page we can see which version is currently available. As of the writing of this article, the most recent version was 13.0.0 as of September 15, 2021 but this may have changed depending on when you read it, so we recommend that you follow these steps to update.

Open Settings on the main screen. At the bottom of it you will find the different options: Nintendo Switch online, store, gallery, controls … And the icon of the gear that is the one that interests us and on which we must touch.

Once you have it, we will see several sections such as themes, notifications, standby mode, controls, sensors. The last one is the one we need: Console. Go here by following the steps that you can see in the image and the first section that you will see is: Updating the console .

Touch and a new screen will open that tells you if an update is available. You will see a message that says: “There is an update available for the console, select” Update “to start the process” Tap on the corresponding button and you will have to wait a few seconds or several minutes until the process is complete.

Once the Nintendo Switch has been updated we can repeat all the previous steps and instead of seeing “there is an update available” you will see that everything is in its latest version .

When we have done that, we can configure our headphones.

Connect a new device or disconnect

To connect a new Bluetooth audio device to the Switch we must follow a few simple steps. The first thing, as we have explained before, is to make sure that there are no more than two wireless controllers connected at that moment. If there are, disconnect so you can start syncing and pair them.

  • Tap on the SYNC button on the controller for one second
  • Turn on the Bluetooth audio device
  • Put the Bluetooth device in search or connection mode
  • Follow the specific instructions (they vary depending on the model, brand)
  • Go to HOME on the console
  • Open the Settings section
  • Find “ Bluetooth Audio ” in the settings section
  • Go to “Add device”
  • It will start searching for Bluetooth audio devices nearby
  • It will take a few seconds for all of them to be scanned
  • Choose or mark the name of the same on the screen

It will start to pair. Once connected you will begin to hear the sound through them. If you want to disconnect it, just follow the same steps ( Home Menu > Settings> Bluetooth Audio > Choose the name of the device) and touch on the option ” Disconnect this device ” that you will see next to the specific name.

Reconnect or remove

Keep in mind that you can only connect one headphones or one speaker at a time, but you can have up to ten saved without having to register them each time. The Nintendo Switch will automatically detect it if you have linked it before.

In this case, the steps are very similar:

  • Turn on the headphones
  • Go to the HOME menu on the Switch
  • Open Console Settings
  • Go to the «Bluetooth Audio» section
  • Choose the device you want to use
  • Check the option “Connect to this device”

Once you have followed these steps we can start listening from it.

We can also delete those that we have already registered if we are not interested. If you have broken those headphones or are simply from a person who is no longer going to use this device, for example. In that case, we have to open the configuration section, go to the Bluetooth section and select “Delete device”.

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