How to set a different vibration for each contact on Android?

Today we are going to see how to configure a different vibration for each contact on Android in a very simple way and in a few steps.

Android has the enormous capacity to help us customize everything. Either we can do it thanks to the native options of the operating system or with an application. Be that as it may, we have this enormous possibility.

Notifications can be a very positive thing or a headache. It will depend on the notification itself. It is not exactly a novelty that many applications send us notifications constantly. Social networks, games, apps, etc. Between everything we have installed, our phone vibrates all the time.

If we are working with the device, to a greater or lesser extent, hearing that the phone vibrates all the time can make us lose a lot of time throughout the day. ¿ Why not set up different vibrations for specific contacts? For all?

Thanks to different applications that we have in the Play Store, we can achieve it . This way you can pay attention to the phone when it vibrates in a specific way because you will know exactly who sent you that message and you can decide if you want to see it or not pay attention to the phone.

This can save you a lot of time at the end of the day. Imagine then in a week or a month. The time we spend checking the phone seems too small. However, when we add it up, how many times do we check the device?

Let’s go to which application we should install on our mobile to be able to configure a totally different vibration for each of the contacts . In case you receive a lot of notifications from different apps. You don’t have to uninstall them. You can disable their notifications from Settings> Applications .

How to put different vibrations for each contact

Unfortunately Android does not have this option natively. However, having a huge number of applications. It is evident that some of them will help us to achieve our objective.

There are many applications capable of allowing us to configure Android so that each contact has a different type of vibration. Among them we can find apps such as Good Vibration, Contact Vibrate, Vibration Notifier , among others.

All of these applications are too simple to use. Once you download and install it on your mobile device. You open the app, accept the permissions to access the notifications and these will guide you so that you can configure everything properly.

This is very useful for those people who do not want to have notifications with volume, but need to distinguish certain important contacts to avoid paying attention to the device for each message that reaches us. The idea is to optimize our time .

How to set Good Vibrations to add different types of vibrations

  • Therefore, in case we choose Good Vibrations which is totally free and very light. We are going to proceed to open it.
  • Now we press in the upper left part of the screen on the horizontal lines.
  • Next, we are going to have to click on “ Play your pattern ”.
  • After saving the pattern, what we must do is return to the menu from the beginning.
  • Now you will have to click on the icon in the shape of a person. A new menu opens where we will have to edit different aspects of our contacts.
  • Then you will have to click on the icon of the person.
  • Choose the contact.
  • Then go back.
  • Now you will have to click on ” Pattern “.
  • And assign the pattern you created to that person.

In this way that vibration pattern will work for the person (s) you previously chose. You can create several patterns, which you will configure one by one and then add people to these groups of patterns.


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