How to fix iPhone rear camera vibration

Apple is a company that strives to offer only the best of the best to its customers. And one of the best proofs of these is the quality of the cameras of Apple devices . Even so, there may be some problems with it, for example, with the stability of the image. If this is your case, no problem, because right here we show you why the iPhone rear camera shakes and how to solve it.

Why is the Rear Camera of my iPhone Shaking and How to Fix It?

Thanks to the help and advice that we will give you below, you will be able to enjoy much more of the options offered by your cell phone camera. In addition, you can learn a lot about the operation by taking photos or recording videos with your iPhone in a practical way.

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  1. Why is my iPhone camera shaking?
  2. How to fix ‘camera shakes’ on iPhone
    1. Reboot camera
    2. Restart iPhone
    3. Remove Cases or Accessories
    4. Clean the lenses
    5. Switch between different cameras
    6. Check camera app
    7. Hard reset
    8. Apple technical service
  3. What are the main problems of the iPhone cameras

Why is my iPhone camera shaking?

Although in general the iPhone camera has excellent quality, there are certain details that could disturb our experience when using it. For example, the fact that the rear camera of the same does not have stability or tremble constantly. That is why, if this is happening to us, it is normal for us to wonder why the situation is.

Well, this happens due to problems with the camera stabilizer. And it is normal that we cannot record or take photos without running into the great lack of resolution of the iPhone camera . In addition, this causes problems especially when we want to take photos in places with a lot of direct light, since it prevents the camera from focusing on what we really want to capture.

In addition, it should be noted that this occurs mostly in the iPhone 6 Plus, which are already known to be one of the worst versions of the iPhone, so it is not surprising to see that this problem comes from it.

And, although this is not a problem that occurs in each and every one of the iPhones 6 Plus, it is a difficulty that has become very common and really annoying in the Apple community.

How to fix ‘camera shakes’ on iPhone

Well, here’s how to do it. What you can do to fix this problem if the camera keeps crashing is to restore your iPhone with or without iTunes . This can be achieved by connecting the iPhone to a computer, be it a laptop or PC, with a cable in good condition.

Of course, before doing this it is necessary that you make a backup copy and turn off all the programs that may be working.

Having a quality camera, regardless of the cell phone we have, is of great importance today. Not only to take photos with iPhone, but also to entertain ourselves with the wonderful options that the camera offers. You can even view and create an album of quality shared photos made with your iPhone.

That is why we hope that this information can be of great use to you, and that you can solve the camera shake problem quickly and easily.

Reboot camera

One of the first methods to solve this problem may be to restart your camera. The iPhone system does not have an option to perform this task, however you can go to the taskbar and open the recent applications window, slide the camera app, and return to the home screen. Once you open the tool, it will have rebooted.

Restart iPhone

First, we recommend that you do not jump to conclusions, so it would be good to restart your iPhone to begin with.

The problem of camera shake is not necessarily a serious problem, that is why you should start with the simplest solutions.

To do this, you must press the start button and the activation button at the same time. This is until you see the distinctive apple apple on your iPhone screen.

Remove Cases or Accessories

Out of focus or blurry shots may be caused by an obstruction in the camera lens, so trying to remove the phone case may help solve the problem.

Clean the lenses

Taking into account the above, we already know that this vibration mainly causes blurry photos or videos; however, cleaning functional camera lenses may help the solution.

Switch between different cameras

If your mobile belongs to the model that has several cameras, you can try alternating the cameras . In this way, if you need to quickly solve the problem and take a photo, we use the camera that is working correctly.

Check camera app

One more option is to verify the operation of the camera application. For this, we go to ‘Settings’> ‘Camera’. Here we will find all information and application settings ; We verify that the correct options are activated and that the configuration is not interrupting any native process.

Hard reset

Finally, if the problem cannot be solved, we can resort to a complete reset of the device. An easy way to do this is to quickly press and release the volume up button , instantly doing the same with the volume down button. Finally, we press and hold the on / off button.

Once we see the Apple logo on the screen, the Hard Reset will have been carried out successfully.

Apple technical service

If you do all of this and the shaking problem remains unsolved, we encourage you to go to the nearest Apple Store for technical help. Or that you visit the official Apple Support page for the help you need specifically to solve the problem that occurs in the camera of your iPhone.

Although this is a problem that can occur due to software problems, it is good that you receive specialized help if it is due to hardware problems.

What are the main problems of the iPhone cameras

It is possible that there are problems with this tool, as it is usually due to software errors or hardware failures (if they are due to the latter, the most viable solution is to change the camera). The most common problems are:

  • The screen looks completely black.
  • Photos are blurry or do not focus well.
  • The flash tool does not work properly.
  • The camera application stops seeing.
  • The application freezes.
  • You cannot switch from front to rear camera or vice versa.


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