How to turn off vibration on iPhone

The iPhone is a line of smartphones created by the company Apple Inc. These phones are high-end and run a different operating system than traditional phones, (IOS operating system). 

IPhone phones have several tools to improve the operation of the device. This is a very nice phone, with a spectacular camera, although its costs can be a bit high. This line of phones created by Apple makes their smartphones different from traditional smartphones. IPhones usually last longer than Android and this is due to updates to their software.

There are millions of users who prefer to have an iPhone than an Android . It may be due to its camera or the integrated applications of the device itself, since they are original. Its storage space is high, its voice control is a unique feature, the iPhone keyboard and its reception are spectacular.

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  1. How to access device vibration settings
  2. Steps to deactivate the vibration of SMS messages
    1. How to remove vibration from WhatsApp messages
    2. How to remove vibration from Facebook notifications
  3. Is it possible to create a custom vibration on my iPhone?

How to access device vibration settings

One of the characteristics of the iPhone is its notification sounds, these being totally different from what we normally hear, you can configure the notifications to your liking in WhatsApp or messages, calls from your mobile or a message from any other application or game.

Just as the App has its personalized notifications, you can also configure your phone and customize “vibrations ”. This is the perfect function for when we are in a class or important meeting, that we cannot have the phone with volume, so we put it in “vibrate mode” and voila, when they send us a message the phone will not ring but will vibrate to warn us that they have written to us.

So to access the vibration settings of your iPhone, you must enter the main menu and go to the settings option; that is, the one that appears with the typical icon of a mechanical gear. Now, you need to look for the tab that says Sounds and vibration, since from here, you can make the relevant changes.

Steps to deactivate the vibration of SMS messages

We discuss the simplest option to completely eliminate vibrations from your phone. Performing this function is quite easy, you simply have to grab your iPhone and enter the settings, once inside select the option of “sounds and vibrations” when you press you can choose between two functions ” vibrate when ringing” or “vibrate silently”. 

Although you must bear in mind that the iPhone mobile is programmed to be able to send you an “emergency notification” in case of climate change, a natural disaster or if someone is missing. This means that if some of these options occur, the cell phone may vibrate.

This happens in these types of phones since emergency notifications are independent , no one or no user controls them. Although, there is the possibility of being able to deactivate these emergency notifications as well so that your phone will not vibrate at all. By accepting this option, your phone does not vibrate, not even in emergency situations.

To be able to deactivate this function you must enter the settings on your iPhone and look for where it says “accessibility” , then you must press the “touch” option, then you must slide the screen down and where it says “vibration” you have to press it until the button turns gray.

This means that before the mobile device was allowed to vibrate in an emergency, when you press the button and it turns gray, this function is completely disabled.

If what you want is to deactivate the haptic feedback vibrations of the iPhone itself, you must go to the settings, select “sounds and vibrations” and once inside this menu you must deactivate the “haptic system” option that is located in the part bottom of your iPhone screen.

When you do all of the above, your phone will no longer vibrate when receiving SMS.  These steps are quite simple to follow, making it very simple to activate and deactivate the vibrations of your phone. If you want to deactivate these functions, you can do the aforementioned again to activate notifications.

How to remove vibration from WhatsApp messages

Removing the vibration from WhatsApp messages is very simple, just enter the settings menu as we mentioned before and look for the Sound and Vibration option; Once there, various functions will appear, including WhatsApp, so just deactivate the switch to completely eradicate the vibration when receiving messages.

How to remove vibration from Facebook notifications

This procedure can be done directly from the same Facebook application, you just have to enter the settings and locate where it says Settings and privacy. Next, you will get a list of options where you must choose the one that says Activate or deactivate sound or vibration of notifications and that’s it.

Is it possible to create a custom vibration on my iPhone?

As some users love to have the phone notifications at full volume, there are others who do not like the idea of ​​having the phone at volume much or much less that it is in “vibrate mode “, it may be for some medical reasons or who are sensitive to this and cannot have this function active.

For this reason, iPhone phones have the function to deactivate all notifications and vibrations of the device . As well as allowing us to create personalized vibrations, which come in handy according to the particular case of each person.

To do so, the first thing you should do is go to the settings as we taught you before and locate the Sound and vibration tab. Next, you must press where it says Ringtone and then Vibration; By doing this, you will notice a new tab that says Create new vibration and that is where you will need to enter.

In this way, it is possible to create a sequence of the applications or functions that you want to vibrate and those that do not. Also, you can create a unique name to correctly save this customization that you just made and which you can access whenever you want from the iPhone menu.

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