How to block adult pages on my children’s Android mobile?

Next, we are going to see how to block adult pages on my children’s Android mobile in an extremely simple way.

The Internet can offer a huge number of extremely useful tools . However, if we are not careful it can put us in serious danger. This is something that can affect children a lot because they are more careless and trusting than an adult.

That is why we must have a parental control system when giving them a mobile device and luckily, there are many complete applications that allow us, among other things, to block access to adult pages on Android, applications, games, etc.

Applications to control the use of mobile by children


Possibly one of the best applications that we are going to see on the list. The reason? Very simple: it allows us to set a time limit for the use of applications and games, it also gives us the ability to control access and block web pages of any kind of content, applications, calls, messages , etc.

Parents will be able to access different daily reports on all the activities that the little one carried out on the mobile phone. In this way, you can know everything your child did during the day with the device. Qustodio has a totally free version , although the Premium obviously has more functions.

Kaspersky SafeKids

Obviously Kaspersky Labs could not be left out in this class of applications. The security company offers a free and premium solution to protect the little ones. With the ability to remotely block websites and applications.

Another thing that allows us is to block access to all apps and websites , creating a list of applications and sites that can be visited, while the rest will be totally blocked.

In case you want to access the premium version, you will have many more options such as: GPS locator, detailed reports of your activities with your mobile and Facebook , protection of all kinds, etc.


The app allows us to limit the time children use the mobile phone. We can configure so that at certain times the device is not accessible to them: snack time, breakfast, lunch, etc. Something that will surely interest you is the possibility of blocking content of any kind, especially adult content.

You can also limit access to social networks , games and applications that you think are inconvenient for your little one to use. Another detail is that you can know the location of the phone and your child at all times and in real time. It also has an option to keep track of suspicious contacts among other things.

FamilityTime is an application to consider and highly recommended.

Applications to protect my children from adult sites


If what you are most concerned about is knowing where your child is at all times . Then Locategy is ideal for you because it mainly focuses on this aspect. However, it is not the only thing that this app can do, since it also allows you to remotely block applications and websites, all in real time.

In this way you can block access to adult content or applications that are not suitable for their age whenever you want without any kind of problem. You can even control how long they have been using the phone.

Norton Family

Developed by Norton Segurity , the application will allow you to control the activity of your children when they have a mobile phone. So that in this way they do not share too much information on social networks. It also allows us to keep track of the websites you visit and block any of them if necessary.

You can view all the apps you have installed on your phone, decide which of them you want to block and which you don’t. Limit the time they use the mobile, locate the phone when necessary . All that and more with Norton Family Parental Control .


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