How to block web pages of adult content in the browser?

With the use of web browsers or search engines it is possible to have access to any type of information from our PC, laptop or smartphone. But, this is a problem when we have children or adolescents in our homes, since they can enter prohibited pages. Therefore, we will teach you how to block websites with explicit adult content .

For many parents it is a real headache to leave their children alone at the computer without proper supervision. On the internet you can find many pages with violent content, war content, with pornographic images and videos. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures in the matter so that our children do not enter these sites by mistake.

Luckily, there are some tricks that we can apply in our browsers to avoid entering prohibited pages. Just as it is possible to block a specific web page from a browser, the best we can do is block all inappropriate content on both personal computers and smartphones .

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  1. How to block inappropriate content for children from the cell phone?
  2. What steps to follow to block content on internet pages?
    1. In the Google Chrome browser
    2. Other browsers
    3. Router access
  3. How to know if an adult page has been tried to open in the browser?
  4. How can I activate a safe search without programs?
    1. At home
    2. At work
  5. What are the advantages of blocking pages with adult content?

How to block inappropriate content for children from the cell phone?

As we discussed in the introduction to this article, it is possible to prevent our children from entering websites that contain adult content. And this from your own smartphone or from ours. And for this we will use a great function that we will activate from the Google browser, installed on our Android device .

This function is known as Safe Search and to activate it you must do the following, from your mobile open the Google browser. Now go to the lower right side of your screen and there you will find the ‘More’ option. Pressing it will show other options, but in our case we will select the ‘Settings’ option.

The next step is to click on the ‘General’ option, in this window you will find the ‘Safe Search’ option which you must activate. This will automatically hide explicit search results in the browser . If you want to deactivate this function, you just have to follow the same instructions and move the switch to the left.

What steps to follow to block content on internet pages?

In the event that you want to block those pages that offer explicit or inappropriate content for minors. You can use some methods that will help you according to the search engine you use. Here we offer you the very simple steps to follow and it will not take you long to apply them, depending on your case.

In the Google Chrome browser

If in your case you use the Google Chrome browser, you must do the following to block pages with explicit content . Enter the search engine. Now look for the icon with three dots that is in the upper right side of your screen and click on it. This action will generate a menu on the screen and from it you must select the ‘Configuration’ option.

You will be taken to a new window and in it you will be located on the left side and select the option ‘Privacy and security’. Now the next step is to choose the ‘Site Configuration’ option, go down to the ‘Content’ section and configure the ‘JavaScript’ and ‘Images’ options. And in each of them you must click on the ‘Add’ button and write the web page to block .

Other browsers

In the case of using another browser such as Firefox, adult pages can be blocked by means of a plug-in known as BlockSite . To do this you must open the browser and go to the upper right and select the icon with three lines. A menu will appear and you must now select ‘Tools’. Then click on ‘Add-ons’.

You will be taken to a new window and in it click on ‘Find more add-ons’ now type the name of the add-on and then click on ‘Search’. Select from the list and then choose the option ‘Add to Firefox’. Then, click on the ‘Add’ option and to finish select the ‘Accept’ option and to use it you just have to write the websites to block .

Router access

From the Router it is also possible to block inappropriate web pages , for this we will access the router, but it is necessary to know its IP address . And also, you must enter the username and password of the device. Once you carry out this step and you are on the router’s website, you will find and select the restrictions section.

In the case of not being able to do so, we recommend that you use the router manual to access this section. Now you only have to write the websites that you want the Router to block and before exiting the settings make sure to save the changes.

How to know if an adult page has been tried to open in the browser?

Parents must be very attentive about the web pages that our children frequent and for this it is highly recommended to review the browsing history. What’s more, if they delete it, it is possible to recover the browsing history of Google Chrome . And in this way monitor their searches, but you must know that there are specific words or filters.

If, as you hear, you do not expect your children to name pages, just writing terms like ‘walking your pet’ for example, can take you to a pornographic site. Therefore, if you can detect these words or many others in the browser, you will know immediately that our children have tried to enter adult web pages .

How can I activate a safe search without programs?

There are many tools that you can download from the virtual stores themselves to help you block adult web pages . Or that they show explicit sexual content, but none of this is necessary if you use the options offered by the browsers themselves. And in the case of Google, it offers you the activation of the safe search.

At home

It is very easy to perform a safe search from your computer and you will do it through a very effective method to block pages with adult content . Where we will also use Google’s safe search and activate it by entering the search settings . From there we will do the following, go to the section ‘Safe Search Filter’.

There you will find two options, but in our case we will mark the option ‘ Hide explicit results ‘. Now to exit and apply the changes made on this page, you must select the ‘Save’ option at the end of it.

At work

In the case that you use another browser, it is possible to block adult pages , and in this case, we can make use of a DNS. Thus, it will not be possible to enter from work, no matter what type of browser is used. In this case, we are going to enter the router settings and enter the LAN settings.

There we will write the following primary DNS addresses and in secondary DNS and click on the apply option. Now we must enter the command prompt and enter the following command “ipconfig / all” and there the new DNS will be established. And that’s it, every time you try to enter an adult page, access will be restricted .

What are the advantages of blocking pages with adult content?

If the device you use to surf the net is for exclusive use and there is no danger that a minor will use it. There is no problem in blocking sexual or adult content that can be seen there. But, the real problem begins when it is our children who have access to the computer or our mobile device.

Therefore, it is necessary to block or restrict access to those inappropriate sites, it is also an advantage to block these web pages. Because when browsing, pop-up pages with sexual content or pornography ads are not presented in an untimely way . Something that can be very embarrassing or uncomfortable if we find ourselves in the company of a child or adolescent.

Therefore, avoid situations that can generate confusion in children if they suddenly see videos or images that are not according to their age. Use the tools that we offer here to block web pages that contain inappropriate content .

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