How to sell players in FIFA?

How to sell players in FIFA? Despite the many years that FIFA has been in action, its popularity continues to be the same or even greater. For all those fans of this video game today we bring an interesting article in which we will teach you how to sell players in FIFA in a fairly simple and fast way.

FIFA has remained among the funniest and most preferred video games by the public, especially by football lovers. If you have started playing but still have many doubts about how the player sales system works on this platform, don’t worry. Here we tell you absolutely everything.

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  • 1 Steps to sell players in career mode in FIFA
    • 1 Step 1: Wait for one of the classic windows on the market
    • 2 Step 2: Check the calendar
    • 3 Step 3: Select the player you want to sell
    • 4 Step 4: Check your player’s status
    • 5 Step 5: Wait
    • 6 Step 6: Confirm the player’s sale
  • 2 Steps to sell players on FIFA Mobile

Steps to sell players in career mode in FIFA

We are going to start by explaining the easiest way to sell players in FIFA 20 in your career. It does not matter which version of the game you are using, since the procedure is very similar for the other chapters of the popular football series.

Likewise, you can perform this same procedure whether you play from a console or even from your computer. So get to work:

Step 1: Wait for one of the classic windows on the market

One of the first things we must do to sell players in the FIFA Career mode is to wait for one of the classic windows of the market to be able to make our sales.

Step 2: Check the calendar

To know exactly when the next market session will be, you can access the calendar. To do this, go to the ” Season ” option and learn more information.

Step 3: Select the player you want to sell

This is one of the most important steps you must take. First we are going to go to the ” ROSA ” tab and there we will click on the HUB ROSA box. Then it is up to us to choose the player we want to sell and click on “Add to transfer list”.

Step 4: Check your player’s status

It is super important to verify that our player is in the corresponding box. All you have to do is go to the ” Transfer ” section and verify that it has been correctly put up for sale.

Step 5: Wait

After placing the player on the transfer list, all that remains is to wait. Keep playing matches and wait for the player to contact you. As the days go by, the safest thing is that you will receive a proposal for the transfer of the player.

Step 6: Confirm the player’s sale

If there is a transfer proposal then you will receive an email notification from the game. Click on the link received to go directly to the transfer center. There you will have to choose between accepting, rejecting or negotiating the offer received.

Steps to sell players on FIFA Mobile

If you are using FIFA Mobile and you want to sell players then you should follow a few simple and practical steps:

  1. DownloadFIFA Mobile for free to your mobile
  2. As a basic requirement you will need to reach level 10to be able to opt for the sale of players.
  3. You will have toplay some games to unlock levels
  4. When you reach level 10 go to the main menu and click on ” Market
  5. Click on ” Sell
  6. Dragthe player you want to put up for sale
  7. Set a minimum price and activate the ” Buy Now” button
  8. Click on ” Public object
  9. Wait for someone to buyto receive the proposal and that’s it.
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