FUTBIN, the app to know the price of players in FIFA

The FUTBIN app is a perfect complement to FIFA’s FUT mode , including a squad builder / creator wizard, a simulator for FUT Draft, and all player prices , including history and best deals to buy. at that moment.

FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT has become an obsession for many fans, and FUTBIN is an app to improve our management in the complex transfer market and in the design of teams in this competitive online mode.

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FUTIN has free apps for Android and iOS, as well as a web version , so it is accessible from any platform. It is true that it includes a fairly high amount of advertising, but in return it offers us many functions and a neat design at no cost.

We even have written reviews of FUT players , because sometimes simple statistics are not enough to delve into all its details. Not forgetting a news section about FIFA and the news of online multiplayer, which does not stop changing.

Logically, the skill in the matches is on us, from all the part of obtaining the best players and creating teams that enhance them, FUTBIN is in charge of. It is very difficult to stay competitive in FUT, so every possible help will make a difference.

These are the key FUTBIN functions available on the app and on the web:

  • Price of FUT players in FIFA and charts with historical prices.
  • Wizard to create teams (squad creator or squad builder).
  • FIFA FUT Draft simulator.
  • Solutions to Squad Building Challenges (Squad Building Challenge or SBC).
  • Complete FUT database with filters and player comparisons.
  • Tax calculator (EA Tax).
  • Notifications of teams, players, performance and market prices.
  • Players card with cheaper prices, statistics, taxes and comparison.

Most users will enter FUTBIN through the squad builder / creator or the Draft simulator, but we really have a ton of content to plan for just about any move in FUT.

In addition, mobile apps include alert notifications to changes in FUT , whether for prices, players, teams and other aspects. In this way we can take advantage of the opportunities in the competitive multiplayer of FIFA as soon as they arise, without being aware of the computer or the console.

In general, FUTBIN is a very useful assistant for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) , which indicates the prices of the players and many statistics to master team management, helping us to stand out against our rivals.

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