How to save ‘Instagram Reels’

In recent years, the number of people using the Instagram platform has grown to an impressive level, thanks to the features it offers its users. Among those functions we find the Instagram Reels function with which you can record videos with music and share them; or if you don’t want to publish them you can save them.

In that regard, in the following development we will take the time to explain in detail how to save Instagram Reels on your mobile without publishing and without putting them as a draft.

How to Save ‘Instagram Reels’ Without Posting and Drafting Them

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  1. Why does Instagram prohibit downloading Reels with music?
  2. How many maximum Reels can be downloaded to your device?
  3. Where can you see the Reels that you download to your cell phone?
  4. How do you edit a Reel that you have saved as a draft on Instagram?

Why does Instagram prohibit downloading Reels with music?

When we refer to the option to download Reels with music, we refer to downloading this music on our mobile, and due to copyright the application does not allow it . Sure, although you can’t download those Reels with music, you can save them on the same Instagram platform to be able to see them or use the sound later.

How many maximum Reels can be downloaded to your device?

Truly, there is no limit that has been exposed to download a Reel on your device, it will depend on what are the Reels you want to download and the storage space. To download these famous Instagram videos or Reels that have been competing with TikTok, the steps you must follow are simple.

If you want to save only one Reel that you have seen and liked on Instagram, you can save it to your own Instagram account without downloading it to your mobile. To do this, click on the 3 points that appear in the lower right corner and select ‘Save’, and you will find it from your profile in ‘Saved’ .

To download it, basically, what you have to do is enter your Instagram account and search for the Reel you want to download and copy its link . Then, you paste the link you copied into an application like Instadp if you want to download the reel easily.

Where can you see the Reels that you download to your cell phone?

As normally happens with any other video file that you download to your device, when you download a Reel to your cell phone, it is saved in the mobile gallery. That way, if you want to share the video by another application or access it without having any WiFi connection, you can do it without any problem.

How do you edit a Reel that you have saved as a draft on Instagram?

This is a completely simple procedure; The first thing you must have is an Instagram account and that it is updated in order to have the Reels function. When you have recorded a Reel from your mobile and saved it as a draft on the platform, you should look for it in the Reels option in your profile.

That option appears as a second option on the main screen of your profile under your description or bio. Then, find and select the ‘Drafts’ option to choose the Reel that you recorded and that you want to edit to upload, putting music on it or adding photos and videos from your gallery.

On the other hand, if you have a Reel in your gallery that you want to share, you can also edit it; for that, select the option of Reels as a new publication in your account. When all the videos that you have saved there appear, you can choose one to be able to add music or whatever you want from the options that Instagram offers you.

As we had also mentioned that we were going to show you how to save a Reel without the need to publish it and place it in drafts, now we are going to do it.

Once you’ve completed the recording and editing you intended to do to your video, what you need to do is similar to the steps we follow to save a story. In the options that appear at the top of the screen, click on the arrow icon pointing down and you will see the announcement that it has been saved.

This is a very opportune function for the cases in which you liked the result of the Reel that you have recorded but you do not want to share it at that moment.


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