Why do my profile photos look blurry on Twitter?

The social network Twitter is becoming increasingly relevant on the world scene as a top-level news medium. It is almost a requirement to have a Twitter account to keep up with all the international and local trends and happenings. However, some users find it difficult to customize their profile photos .

A recurring problem is that the profile picture looks blurry . There are several causes for this error, but in all cases there is a solution. Learn how to improve the quality of your photos on Twitter so that your profile has a much more attractive appearance and your interaction on this social network is more enjoyable.

Why do Twitter’s Profile Pictures look very Blurred? – Fix it

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  1. What causes Twitter photos to look poor quality?
  2. What is the ideal size of the profile photos that you can upload to Twitter?
  3. How can you improve the quality of your profile photos that you upload to Twitter?
    1. Upload it in PNG format
    2. Occupy quality editors
    3. Crop your photos to fit Twitter

What causes Twitter photos to look poor quality?

Profile and header photos are the face of your Twitter account, so it’s important that you know how to properly change my header image to make it attractive. Although there are several specific reasons that can make the photo blurry, they are all caused by the lack of optimization of the image you uploaded.

For example, an image that is too small is stretched by the platform to fit as a profile picture, which makes it look lower quality. On the other hand, it can also be a problem with the image format.

Twitter only supports PNG and JPG images ; if you use a different format, the platform will automatically convert it, which can cause a loss of quality and lower the resolution of the photo.

What is the ideal size of the profile photos that you can upload to Twitter?

Check the properties of your photo before uploading it to know what its resolution is. A profile picture should not be less than 400×400 resolution ; otherwise it will be blurred. But that does not mean that you should put images with too high resolution, because the platform could suffer another error. Resize your photo before uploading it to Twitter .

The best option is to give it a resolution of 1000×1000 so that it has an appropriate balance between resolution, weight and quality. It should be noted that the weight limit for images on Twitter is 2 MB, therefore, you must ensure that your photo does not exceed that limit so that you can upload it without any problem.

How can you improve the quality of your profile photos that you upload to Twitter?

Despite the various limitations of format, weight and resolution that Twitter imposes, there are some tricks to increase the quality of your photos. The main thing is that you use a quality camera so that your photo is clear and has high definition. If you plan to use an image, remember to download it in the best resolution available.

Once you have the photo or image that you plan to place on your Twitter profile, you have other options that you can use to fully optimize the image and achieve the best results. Find out what you can do so that Twitter does not reduce the quality of your photos and you have a striking profile.

Upload it in PNG format

Twitter only processes images in GIF, JPEG and PNG format. However, the PNG format retains the highest quality when uploaded to the web, making it ideal for your profile photos. In addition, it has a good quality-to-weight ratio that allows you to upload images with higher resolution without violating the weight limit of the platform.

If your image is not in PNG, you can convert it to that format using an online image converter . You just have to select the file you want to convert and process it . It is free, fast and very simple.

Occupy quality editors

When editing the photo to crop it, resize it or add a filter, it is important that you use an advanced tool. The Canvas app offers the best design options you can find and is perfectly compatible with all mobile devices. It is also the most used to work with social networks .

Crop your photos to fit Twitter

Even if you don’t have a professional tool to process your photos before uploading, you can still crop your image using your device’s native editor to manually adjust it to the resolution Twitter uses .


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