How To Share an Instagram Reels in WhatsApp status

We all like to stay in touch, enjoy good times and share them with others. This has become so essential that we are looking for a way to publish our experiences in real time through our mobile phones. To do this, it is necessary to create accounts on different social networks, such as Facebook, which are the ones that allow us to record and publish those good moments.

How to Share Instagram Reels in WhatsApp States? | Android and iPhone

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  1. Share a Facebook Reel in WhatsApp status
  • How to put Instagram photos or videos in WhatsApp states?
  1. Share Instagram photos or videos from mobile
  2. Put Instagram posts from PC
  • What should be done to share a link from an Instagram profile in WhatsApp statuses?
  • How to upload a Reels on WhatsApp

Ways to share a Reels in WhatsApp States

The relationship between the different applications has been improving over time in view of the need to publish what we like on one network or another. This relationship is growing thanks to the fact that today we can even share Reels on WhatsApp from other applications such as Instagram, due to this the use of PCs and mobile phones to share special moments has become very popular.

In general, we do it from the instant messaging application, since it is not a secret that we love to see Reels , especially if we gave it a ‘Like’. In this article, we will show you how to share Reels on WhatsApp and much more.

Put an Instagram Reels in WhatsApp states

It is not a secret that the stories of said platform reached the photo application several years ago and became everyone’s favorite. Reaching such success that later other applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp with their states tried to imitate it.

But although they achieved a certain level of success, they did not achieve the same impact as the first . Today it is possible to upload stories that will be active for 24 hours, after this period, they will be deleted, the only way to prevent this from happening is if we mark them as featured.

If we are one of those who use Instagram more frequently instead of WhatsApp because for some reason the photo editor seems better to us. Therefore, we have the opportunity to publish Instagram stories so that they are visible to friends. Also to share Reels on WhatsApp and in this way reach more and more people with the aim of increasing the number of followers.

Who will be able to see our stories, in addition to all the contacts we have in the instant messaging application. Let’s see how to put Instagram photos or recordings on our WhatsApp.

Share a Facebook Reel in WhatsApp status

If we want to share Reels on Instagram WhatsApp it is very simple. The first step to follow is to enter Facebook and search for the Reels in question, we will press the three points that appear at the top and we will choose the copy link option.

Then, we will proceed to launch the WhatsApp application and select ‘my status’. When doing it, we will leave the screen pressed until the paste sign appears. Once it appears, we will only click on it and our Reels will be ready to be shared on WhatsApp.

How to put Instagram photos or videos in WhatsApp states?

Running it is very easy, you just have to follow the steps to be able to share Reels on WhatsApp with all your contacts. To do so, you must keep in mind if you will do it from the PC or from a mobile phone device, since they have different usage systems such as Android or iPhone.

Share Instagram photos or videos from mobile

To attach various types of multimedia to our social networks such as Facebook or WhatsApp from the mobile phone, we must take into account the type of device we are using. This sometimes depends on the system that it uses, since they change if it is a PC that has Windows or a mobile phone with Android.

From iPhone

iPhone is one of the most used systems for sharing multimedia because it is quite simple. Simply enter the ‘Instagram’ application and locate the photo, video or Reels that we want to put. We may have to generate it, for this we can enter history and with the large number of options available  we will make an original publication to attach it.

But if the case is that we have given it a ‘Like’ and we want others to see it, it is as easy as clicking on the three dots located in the upper right part of the publication that caught our attention and sharing Reels on WhatsApp. After the menu opens, we must locate and click on ‘Share’ we will see that there are several options to proceed. In the case of WhatsApp, we will go to ‘My States’ and we will be able to see a link that everyone who sees our publication will be able to access.

But if we want it to be seen instead of the link, what we must do is enter the Instagram Application and click on the publication, save it on the computer and then add it to WhatsApp.

Using Android

There are methods that we can use if we want to put photos, videos or share Reels on WhatsApp from Instagram through Android. One of them may be to store and add that as its name implies. This consists of saving on the device the information that we will later attach.

The procedure is quite simple, the first thing we must do is start the Instagram platform, for this we locate it on our mobile phone and click on the icon. Within the application, in the upper left corner we will see the profile picture with a name below that says ‘Story’.

We click on it to enter there and we will see a wide variety of customization options and filters that will help us create an excellent video or photo to share. After we finish giving the final touches to our story, we press the little arrow that points down to save it, it will be stored in the gallery.

The next thing is to locate the WhatsApp icon and start the application, we direct our attention to that section and in ‘My Status’ we will add an update . The gallery will open and there we will look for the one we just created, we select it and we can add a comment if we wish.

Put Instagram posts from PC

Sharing Reels on WhatsApp or other forms of media requires the apps to be installed on your computer. Of course, Instagram has a web page from which we can work. The system is the same, that is, within the Instagram application we will look for the photo or recording to execute it on our own.

After downloading it, in this case on the PC and we must open the WhatsApp application and click on the button that corresponds to ‘My States’ , we look for the multimedia that we want to add.

How can you put a full video without cropping on Instagram status?

One of the limitations that the platform presents us with is that the recordings or Reels that we can publish are quite short in our opinion. The truth is that we all want them to be published complete without separations, since we hope not only to share them for followers to see, but we will surely tag some friends . Because at that moment we are showing ourselves through a recording and we want everyone to enjoy the experience.

So we will teach you how to publish this type of longer multimedia, the first thing is the choice, choose the one we want and compress it. For this it will be necessary to make use of an application and divide them . This tool is useful if we want to split a long video into several smaller ones, like Story Splitter.

It’s great for what we need it for and easy to use, just select it and click on the bottom right corner where it says ‘Choose’. The next thing will be to divide it into small sections and save them, we enter the application and in the profile we add the resulting parts one by one.

What should be done to share a link from an Instagram profile in WhatsApp statuses?

Another option if we want to attach publications from this application is through a profile link. To carry out this procedure, it will be enough to enter the Instagram application. We can, for example, click on share Reels on WhatsApp or see the different options that the application shows us.

When executing it, we will see three dots in the upper right. By clicking there we will see some options such as report, hide, copy link and ‘Share In’ which is what interests us. We select it and the different applications such as Facebook and others will be shown to us. In these we can attach the link, we locate the WhatsApp icon to add it.

Then, at the bottom of the screen, we press the continue button and we will see the profile link ready to be shared. There is only one last step left and that is to press the send button . That’s how fast we can put a profile link in our instant messaging app status.

How to upload a Reels on WhatsApp

We can do it from the platform. For this, you just have to search for the video of your interest and find the option to share Reels on WhatsApp .


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