How to share on WhatsApp status Reels from Instagram

Sharing photos, videos, and writing on Instagram is now a complete chore, and it’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t do it on certain occasions. The positive side is that these photos or videos that you take and record with the Instagram camera can be saved on your mobile to share them on the WhatsApp status .

And respectively, in this article we want to explain what is the best method to put in WhatsApp statuses, how to put them without clipping or sharing a link from Instagram.

How to Share on WhatsApp States Instagram Reels – Post your Videos

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  1. What is the best method to put Instagram content in WhatsApp statuses?
    1. instagram stories
    2. Boomerangs in the states
    3. share photos or videos
  2. What should be done to put a full Instagram video on WhatsApp without cropping?
  3. How is an Instagram link shared in WhatsApp statuses?

What is the best method to put Instagram content in WhatsApp statuses?

We will explain the easiest way to share content from your Instagram account in your WhatsApp statuses and it does not matter if they are stories, boomerangs, photos or videos.

instagram stories

First of all, if you want to share content in your statuses, go to your Instagram account to be able to use the application’s camera. When you’re on the main Instagram screen, swipe the screen to the right or tap your profile picture to go to the camera feature.

When you have recorded your story or taken the photo and it is already edited with a filter, effect or stickers; among the upper options look for the down arrow. By selecting that option, you will see on your screen a notice that the story has been saved in your gallery.

On the other hand, if you want to share a story of a user among your followers, you can also do it by clicking on the 3 points in the upper right corner. Thus, some options will scroll from the bottom of the screen, in which you have to touch ‘Share in…’ and in the applications that appear, choose WhatsApp .

Boomerangs in the states

To share an Instagram boomerang, the steps are the same as those explained above; When you have it recorded, select the ‘Save’ option in your gallery. Then, enter WhatsApp and slide the screen to the right to go to the application’s camera and choose the boomerang from the gallery.

share photos or videos

Now, if you want to share a photo or video from your Instagram home or feed, for example, in your states, you can also do it in a simple way. When you have the photo or video on the screen, press the 3 vertical dots that appear in the upper right corner on the photo.

Among the options that scroll, select ‘Share in…’ and in the applications that appear, touch WhatsApp and send it to your contacts in the states.

What should be done to put a full Instagram video on WhatsApp without cropping?

A common problem when uploading a long video on WhatsApp is that the same platform cuts them because they cannot be longer than 30 seconds . If you do not want the application to do this in a video that you want to share on Instagram so that it can be seen in its entirety, you must use third-party applications.

An application that is used for this, although it is not unique, is SplitVideo with which you can reduce the time that the video lasts so that WhatsApp does not cut it. What you must do within the application is choose the video you want to cut and select a part where you want it to start or end and that’s it.

How is an Instagram link shared in WhatsApp statuses?

In the event that you want to share only a link to a photo or any other Instagram post in your WhatsApp status, what you should do is simple. When you have the publication on the screen, click on the icon of 3 vertical points in the right corner on the photo or video to scroll new options.

Among the few that appear there, you will see the ‘Copy link’, click on it and the link will automatically be copied to the clipboard. Then, go to the WhatsApp application to log in to your account and tap on the ‘Status’ tab in the top center of the screen.

On the right side you will see a pencil icon, which you must touch to access the ‘Write a status’ function , touch the screen for a few seconds and paste the link.


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