How Instagram Reels work

Do you want to know how Instagram Reels work ? Here’s a complete guide on how to make and share Reels with short, engaging videos.

The ease with which it is possible to create an Instagram account and post content makes this social network one of the most popular, by influencers and by users who use it only for entertainment. Although the main functions of Instagram are certainly not infinite, it is undeniable that in recent months the Instagram Reels are also getting the better of busy posts and messages.

As you know, an Instagram Reels is nothing more than a fun and immersive video where you can creatively represent the story of your company or simply inform your followers and make yourself known to others for your business. Maybe you don’t know how Instagram Reels work , in the following lines we will try to make the process of creating this tool simple and fast.



  • How Instagram Reels works
    • How Reels are made on Instagram
    • How to post an Instagram Reel
    • How to create a Remix Reel
    • How to download Reels from Instagram
    • How to find Reels on Instagram

How Instagram Reels works

Surely you will be curious to know how Instagram Reels work , perhaps to exploit their potential in the best way. As we anticipated, Reels are nothing more than very short vertical videos made up of sequences in which you can apply filters, music, writing and modify them as you wish to create creative content. If you have already tried TikTok, you will find similarities with Instagram Reels, in fact, there is a particularly strong inspiration.

We’re sure you’re thinking about Instagram Stories , imagining that they are identical to Reels, in reality these two terms identify two different functions. Reels can be published in a dedicated section of Instagram on your profile, as well as shared in Feeds and Stories ; while the latter are intended to entertain for a few seconds and then automatically cancel 24 hours later .

When you create a Reel, a sub-folder will form in your profile, with which your followers will be able to interact and view the contents, even several months after publication. Operation is very simple, you just need to create a Reel and enter the content you want to show to everyone, before publishing it the software will ask you if you want to make any changes. You can either continue without changes or start the internal editor. In the next paragraph we will focus on how Reels are made .

You must be wondering the maximum duration of a Reels, right? When you make a short movie to insert as Reels, the maximum duration that you can reach, whether for music, video or other content, is 15 , 30 or 60 seconds . This composition looks like a union of several sequences, providing you with that original effect present in equally famous platforms such as TikTok .

How Reels are made on Instagram

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what Instagram Reels are and how they work , it’s time to take action and create one from scratch. We assume that you have already signed up for Instagram and that your account is active and ready after Login .

Start Instagram from your smartphone, be it iOS or Android , nothing changes, go to your Profile and press the Add icon at the top right. A menu will open, from here select the item called Reel . The camera will automatically open for you, like when you’re starting a Story for Instagram .

Within the Reels camera interface you will find several icons, which you can interact with to insert additional content. Specifically you can add: a song , filters , AR effects , trim clips or edit completely from scratch. Once the function that best suits your needs has been identified, you can start recording to play the content, or opt to load one directly from the camera roll into the smartphone’s internal memory.

By selecting the photo icon at the bottom left, you can then choose the content you deem best. In order for you to start the Reel and modify it, you will have to press the clapperboard icon , present in the center of the screen. The music notes icon allows you to add music, while the 1X ‘s has the ability to change the speed of the content. If you have the desire to add filters and effects , you will have to press on the sparks icon .

You can also set a timer for the duration of the clip, you will have to press on the timer icon and select the time you deem appropriate. For more info you can read our guide on Instagram filters .

How to post an Instagram Reel

After a few minutes of editing to create your Instagram Reels, you need to publish it, but how should you do it? Before publishing the Reel it is smart to press Preview to take a last look at the work you have produced, in order to view the final result in advance. With the preview, you can also edit the audio or narration.

Once the content control phase is complete, all you have to do is press Share and wait a few seconds for Instagram to upload the video produced by you to its server. You can also add a caption and choose whether to show it in the tabs of your Reel Instagram within the user profile. As with most social networks, Instagram also allows you to add tags and people to the Reels , so as to arouse funny reactions.

Maybe you don’t want to share your Reels on Instagram right away, many people need to post at certain times or use dedicated scheduling software. If you have this need, then select the Save draft item , so you can use the project whenever you want.

How to create a Remix Reel

Among the most interesting functions of the Instagram Reels are the Remix Reels , this is activated only after having published a Reel on the famous social network. This specification is to allow you to create content alongside your videos with those of the most popular creators and share them on your feed.

To use this resource , simply locate the video you posted and select the icon with the three ellipses , then choose Create Remix .

Specify whether you want your clip to appear With Original Video or After Original Video . Register your reel and you’re done.

You can also apply the same procedure to Posts, add voiceovers, stickers, combine audio and much more.

The Remix Reel is only applicable from public accounts , for private accounts nobody can remix the reels, feed videos and photos.

How to download Reels from Instagram

Have you taken a look at the Reels of other influencers and found the one you think is ideal for your content? Then you might think about downloading it and modifying it to create something new, but how to do it? For this purpose you can use various Apps or online services, but we anticipate that in any case it is ethical to ask the creator of the content for authorization , in this way you will not have problems of any kind in the future.

The most famous applications to download Reels on your Android smartphone are definitely:

  • Video Downloader for Instagram,
  • Reels Video Downloader for Ins
  • Downloader Video Instagram

While for the iOS counterpart you can use:

  • InstDown Reel Saver
  • Reels Repost for Photo, Video
  • Repost: For Posts, Stories

If you love online platforms then you can try:

  • Save Insta
  • InstaVideoSave

These online services all work the same way. Go to the official Instagram website , go to your Profile and click on Saved Items . Select the Reel you want to save and then click on the three dots and then press Copy link . Then go to one of the above platforms and paste the URL of the Reel and then press the Download Video button .

Warning : if requested, do not enter your Instagram profile credentials to continue downloading the Reels.

How to find Reels on Instagram

But are there any functions that allow you to find Instagram Reels quickly just like on TikTok? The answer is yes, just press the Play icon (video icon) and scroll down to see the Reels uploaded to Instagram . You can also scroll through the different feeds to view the Reels of the influencers you closely follow. Instagram has an algorithm that limits the display of content that doesn’t conform to your preferences.


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