How to make Reels with recorded videos for your Instagram?

Instagram has more and more complementary tools to create and consume audiovisual material of all kinds , apart from the fact that with each new version of the application the existing tools are perfected, to correct possible operating errors. Among the most used features of the application are the Reels, which you can now save to Instagram without uploading or put them as a draft to publish them in the future.

How to Make Reels with Recorded Videos for your Instagram? – Editing Guide

The Instagram Reels section is one of the most popular and used in the application, despite its short existence. This is because within it discover short and fun videos on Instagram, as well as being a new tool to create content creatively. To help you improve the content of your account, today we will show you how to make Reels with recorded videos for Instagram.

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  1. How long do the Reels last that you must upload to your Instagram account?
  2. How to upload a video to your Instagram to start editing and publishing it?
    1. add effects
    2. use music
    3. Pega stickers
    4. Set the duration
  3. What else can you do to create Reels and upload them to your Instagram?
    1. Record them in the moment
    2. use photos

How long do the Reels last that you must upload to your Instagram account?

To have a section completely dedicated to the consumption and creation of short videos within the platform, and thus be able to compete with the TikTok social network, which in a short time has shown that the idea of ​​creating short videos can cause a greater visual impact . both youth and adults. Therefore, in order to adapt to the needs of users, Instagram has Reels.

In its first version, Instagram Reels could only have a maximum duration of 15 seconds, in which you could record several seconds and stop the video, to change its perspective and have more creativity. However, with the new app update, the Reels now have a maximum duration of 60 seconds to unleash the user’s creativity.

In addition to this, with the new update of the application it is now possible to share Instagram Reels in WhatsApp states , to help you increase both the reach and the traffic of your content , as well as at the same time this option allows you to increase the base of followers of your Instagram account, by continuing to create attractive and creative content for the consumption of other users.

Therefore, it is expected that as Instagram continues to refine this tool, the duration of the Reels will continue to be extended to meet the needs of its community and continue to be the main competition for TikTok, in terms of short videos. These options will probably be available sooner than expected, due to the importance that Reels have taken on Instagram in recent times.

With the time extension of the Reels up to 60 seconds, Instagram has also implemented new advanced metrics in this section , to analyze the reach of a video according to its content or duration. These statistics include: number of views, accounts reached, number of likes, comments, saves, shares and much more. Everything available to the user to improve the content on the platform.

How to upload a video to your Instagram to start editing and publishing it?

The procedure to upload a video to Instagram in the Reels section is quite simple, since like the rest of the tools within the application, the Reels have an easy-to-understand interface to record a video, edit it with the tools of the application and then publish it on the platform. Next we will show you the steps you must follow to upload Reels and publish them.

  • Open the Instagram mobile application for Android or iOS (the process is the same in both operating systems), by pressing the Instagram icon on the mobile home screen.
  • Then log in to your personal account, when you are in the main Instagram feed, click on the ‘+’ iconlocated at the top of the screen.
  • This will open the screen to upload content, at the bottom of the screen there is a bar with options on the type of content you want to upload. Among them are: publication, history, Reels and live. For obvious reasons, select the Reels option.

By following these steps, the screen to upload content will go into video recording mode , and you will have all the editing tools available for the Reels before publishing them in the application. The main editing tools that you can use to creatively customize your content are the following.

add effects

After recording the video you want to upload in the Reels section, you have a wide range of effects available to add to the video in order to customize it to your tastes and preferences. Among the most popular effects that you can add are augmented reality effects to give your videos a fun touch, these include all the classic Instagram filters you already know from stories and posts.

In addition to this, within this section the filters that you frequently use in other Instagram categories are also stored, to access them you just have to swipe up and check the Explore effects gallery option , within said gallery you can try all the effects you want and add them to the options carousel, in case you want to insert it to the video in the final cut.

Apart from the augmented reality effects, within the video recording screen for the Reels, you have the Retouch tool to add a face smoothing filter to the video. It is even possible to modify the value of the effect, leaving it pressed and dragging it on the video screen, in order to apply the effect on a predetermined part of it and not on the entire video.

use music

To continue customizing the content of the Reels, you also have the option of adding a song from the Instagram music library or recording original audio from your mobile to upload it to the application and be able to add it to the Reel. If the song you want to add is not in the Instagram library, you should avoid uploading it directly from your mobile if you do not want to violate copyright, which may cause the removal of the Reel and suspension of your account.

Therefore, if you do not want to upload an original audio created by you, it is recommended to use the search engine to browse the music library of Instagram. With the search engine you can choose the song you want or even search by artist to try several songs in the video. Once you’ve selected a song, a slider will appear on the Reel screen to select the part of the song you want to play in the video.

As with the effects, Instagram allows you to save the songs added to the Reel to create a frequently used folder , in case you want to reuse a song when recording a new Reel, so that you have them instantly at hand , to save you time and streamline the editing process.

Finally, it is important to mention that if you upload original audio to the Instagram application to add it to a Reel, other users will have access to it to use it in their own Reels or posts.

Pega stickers

After recording the video that you are going to upload to Instagram Reels, click on the icon in the shape of a smiley face in the upper right corner of the screen. Following this, the drop-down menu will open with all the available stickers of the application, which are exactly the same ones that you have used in stories and publications. Therefore, you will have available to select your frequently used stickers.

Once you have chosen a sticker to add to the video, you just have to select it and drag it to the recording screen to place it in the part you want on the screen. In addition to this, by selecting the sticker you can also increase its size or make it smaller , according to your preferences. To finish the process and save the changes, you just have to click on the arrow icon to the right in the bottom bar.

Set the duration

As we previously mentioned, Instagram now counts as a maximum duration for Reels of 60 seconds. However, it is possible that you also have the option to set the duration of the content that you are going to record in 15 seconds or 30 seconds. To do this, you simply have to click on the weather icon, which has the corresponding seconds setting included inside.

In addition to having the option to set the duration, within the tools menu of the Reels recording screen there is the option to add a timer and a countdown , to be able to record Reels without the need to have the mobile device. Currently this has a minimum duration of 1.9 seconds and a maximum duration of 15 seconds.

The other main option for time tracking and creating videos for Instagram Reels is the video playback speed tool, which you can use to speed up or slow down the speed of both the video and the audio added to the video. The options you have to modify the speed are: .3x, .5x, 1x, 2x and 3x. With which you can establish a normal speed, put a slow motion or fast motion effect.

What else can you do to create Reels and upload them to your Instagram?

Once you have used all the previously mentioned tools to create Reels and edit them according to your preferences, you still have several options available to be able to make quality content within the platform. And like the rest of the tools, these options are available for all devices compatible with the Instagram application.

Below we will show you what else you can do to create Reels and upload them to your Instagram , in order to help you grow and establish yourself within the Instagram community.

Record them in the moment

Recording a Reel at the moment will always be the preferred option to create content within this section , since you should take advantage of it when you are in an attractive environment to cause a visual impact on your followers, or the type of situation where you may be. happening something funny, important or just peculiar. The best tool to create content will always be timing.

On the other hand, if you are away from home recording the content for the Reels, you have the option of saving them in the drafts folder to edit them when you have more time and comfort. In this way, the option to record Reels on the spot can be flexible to adapt to your environment and situation.

use photos

Within the Instagram Reels section, you also have the possibility of using photos in the videos that you are going to create, to make your content more creative and have a greater range of possibilities at hand. It is possible to add all the photos you want to a Reel, as long as they comply with the Instagram community guidelines , to avoid being suspended from the platform.


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