How to make your Reels of various videos on Instagram?

The Instagram application provides more and more new functions every day so that its users can create a diversity of content with very advanced tools. One of these tools that it offers you is the way to make the best videos in its function called Reels , in which you can create an element by adding a variety of videos to appear in the same projection. In this article we will tell you the correct way to do it easily, quickly and simply.

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  1. What points must you meet to make a Reels with several videos on Instagram?
    1. Consider the duration time of a Reels
  2. What is the process to make a Reels with several videos for Instagram?
    1. With the ‘+’ option on Instagram
  3. What options do you have to make a Reel if the videos are already recorded?
    1. Download InShot for Android
    2. Get iMovie if you have an iOS device

What points must you meet to make a Reels with several videos on Instagram?

Reels are a way of making videos like the TikTok platform, but in the social network Instagram, they give you the opportunity to add effects, songs, stickers and many other things that the toolbar of this function offers you to make a professional video . You can make your Reels on Instagram by adding several videos, this is simple, you just have to take into account the following considerations:

Consider the duration time of a Reels

Instagram gives you many options to make your Reels a dream projection , although it places a time limit, which you cannot pass, since the application will not allow it. This is why you first have to define how long your material will be so that it fits perfectly to your new projection.

Previously, Instagram gave you only the option that your videos in Reels would last 15 seconds, now with its new update you can make your video of up to 60 seconds , that is, you have more time, but you must order your material so that it does not exceed seconds given by the App.

What is the process to make a Reels with several videos for Instagram?

Instagram Reels are very easy to make, you just have to have your chosen material to add to the function or know what you want to record, since to make this type of projections you have a maximum duration which you cannot exceed . You just have to follow the following steps to do it correctly.

With the ‘+’ option on Instagram

  1. Enter the Instagram application.
  2. Being here go to the top of your screen and click on the + icon. Here you will be entering the Reels function.
  3. Now you will see 4 options of tools where you can add music, video duration, add an effect or something you want, and finally, you must choose the songfragment you want to place .
  4. Then, you only have to record the video by pressing in the middle on a red circle or you also have the option to add the elements from your gallery, for this, you must press the gallery option and choose here what you want to add.
  5. Now when you have the finished video, press ready and next so you can publish your new projection.

What options do you have to make a Reel if the videos are already recorded?

If you want to record a video, but you don’t want to do it through the Instagram platform, you can access the option of another type of App to make new projections. Next, we will tell you which are the best applications to make a Reels like an expert.

Download InShot for Android

InShot is a video-making application where you can create content to display on your social networks. This App provides you with a very variety of tools for you to use in video editing. Here they give you the opportunity to take the creations made in it anywhere; for example Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook , among other interaction applications. In InShot you can make videos with the duration you want by adding photos and videos you want.

This Application is available for your devices through the download store, having it on your phone its use is very simple and you can make expert creations very quickly and without having experience. You can download it in a very easy way as follows:

  1. Enter your PlayStore and enter InShot in your browser.
  2. A list of applications will appear, choose the one indicated.
  3. Then, you will have the details of the InShot application and you will have to press the download button.
  4. Ready now, wait for your download time to finish and install so you can enjoy your new way of making videos for your social networks.

Get iMovie if you have an iOS device

iMovie is a very complete video application where you can make videos easily and quickly that, when ready, you can take it to the Instagram application to be part of the Reels. It is available only for Apple Devices.

In iMovie you can make Reels in a very simple way , where your content can be not only photos but also videos or even the two types of elements together, this application gives you many tools where your new video can contain emojis, music, songs, too gives you the option to add text to your videos within the content. If you have an iOS device you can follow the following steps to download it:

  1. Enter your AppStore.
  2. Being here you must go to the search option.
  3. Type InShot and then hit search.
  4. Click on the app.
  5. Now click on download, wait for it to finish so you can use your application to make videos professionally.


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