How to type the letter ‘Ñ’ on your Chromebook using keyboard shortcuts and more?

Chromebooks have obtained a very important expansion, this has obtained an increase of 109% in the year 2020, thus placing Chrome OS in the second position of the most used operating systems in the world, being surpassed only by Windows and standing out from the many competitors such as the macOS.

How to Type the Letter ‘Ñ’ on Your Chromebook Using Keyboard Shortcuts and More?

Chrome OS may turn out to be the operating system that meets your needs, although the lack of the letter ‘Ñ’ on its keyboard may be a drawback. This article can be very useful for you to expand your knowledge about Chromebooks   and we will also teach you how to type the letter ‘Ñ’ using keyboard shortcuts.

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  1. Why doesn’t Chromebook have the ‘Ñ’ button individually like the other letters?
  2. Chromebook keyboard commands you can use to put the letter Ñ
    1. Right Alt + N
    2. Alt derecha + Shift + N
  3. How to use the Ñ on a Chromebook that has its system in English?

Why doesn’t Chromebook have the ‘Ñ’ button individually like the other letters?

Each language presents differences from each other such as punctuation marks, and in this case with Chromebook keyboards it is difficult to place accents, special characters, among others, in addition to the fact that they do not have the letter Ñ in it. This letter that, despite not being used as much, the keyboard is peripheral and was also manufactured in the United States where said official language is English and the ‘Ñ’ is not used in it. Therefore, the arrangement in which some letters are located differs from other keyboards.

Having said the above, we will give you an example of the differences in the keyboards in this case of the Spanish is that the Enter key has a “q” shape unlike American keyboards that have a rectangular shape, in others the letter “P” ” on the right side is followed by two keys, the most obvious difference between American and Spanish keyboards is the lack of the letter “Ñ” which is replaced by the semicolon key.

Chromebook keyboard commands you can use to put the letter Ñ

There are people who find it extremely important to have the letter Ñ, for this reason, you can put the letter Ñ on the Chromebook keyboard thanks to the commands. The two commands that you can use to place the letter Ñ are the following:

  • Right Alt + N
  • Alt derecha + Shift + N

If your keyboard is in Spanish, the first thing you should do is go to the input configuration area and choose the ES option, with this you can write the letter ‘ñ’ in lowercase, press the “:” key and to write it in uppercase Ñ ​​uses the Shift +: command.

Next, we will show you the ‘Chromebook Keyboard Commands you can use to put the letter Ñ’: Right Alt + N and Right Alt + Shift + N with more details . So we invite you to continue reading this guide.

Right Alt + N

Most keyboards have two Alt keys. In this case, to correctly execute this command, we must use the one located on the right side of the keyboard to be able to write the letter ‘ñ’.

Alt derecha + Shift + N

This command, like the previous one, is to write the letter Ñ, but this time the letter will be in uppercase .

How to use the Ñ on a Chromebook that has its system in English?

There are other ways that you can use to write the letter Ñ if the keyboard or computer you have is in English or in another language that does not physically contain the key on it. So we will find out different keyboard configuration options on your computer that you can use to write the ‘Ñ’, we will mainly concentrate on the ‘Ñ’, but you certainly manage to use this information for the different “specific” letters such as accented vowels. , the cedilla or the umlaut.

One way to do it is to copy it directly from the clipboard, if you only need to write a few Ñ and you want a quick solution you can do it by simply copying the letters Ñ from a web page or file that contains it from the clipboard and paste it into the document you are making. Another way is through its code ‘G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard’ with which you will have the way to add them at hand.

This is achieved through the combination of keys and numbers that resemble the letter or sign that we want to place, in this case the Ñ. Each of the letters on a keyboard has its own code , so you can use this code even if your keyboard does not have the key. The code will be different if the ñ is lowercase or uppercase. The commands for the Ñ is ALT + 0209 for the letter ñ is ALT + 0241.

In order to execute this command correctly, you must keep the ALT key pressed and dial the numbers 0209 or 0241. This command will not be carried out if you do not use the numeric keyboard that is located above the Q, W, E, R keys . Using a virtual keyboard, this turns out to be a simple solution to this problem, when activating the virtual keyboard of your Chromebook a keyboard comparable to that of Android or iOS devices will be quickly displayed on your screen. After it is on your screen, you just have to move the cursor to the letter you want to write, in this case the letter Ñ.

Finally, you can type this letter using the key where the letter Ñ should be located, even though it is not actually displayed on the keyboard, for this you will need to configure the system keyboard of your Chromebook to Spanish, with this you will be able to write the letter Ñ using the key identified on your keyboard as a semicolon.


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