How to type the ‘ñ’ on a Chromebook with the keyboard

In case you don’t know, not all laptop, desktop and other keyboards have the Ñ key among their keys. The main reason for this is because some keyboards are made in the United States or are American, while those that do have this key are made in other countries.

In the first case, there are different alternatives you can choose to make this character appear. Some of these methods are as follows:

Copy it from the clipboard

It is the simplest option, although not the fastest, although everything will depend on how quickly you use the keyboard. The idea is based is to search for this character on the internet or from some text that has this character, copy it and have it saved on the clipboard.

So when you press the CTRL + V key combination , it sticks quickly . Of course, to achieve this you need a little knowledge in terms of how to use the keyboard of a Chromebook .

Using the letter code

All the characters that exist have a code which you can use to make them appear. It is necessary to clarify that both for uppercase and lowercase letters there are different codes despite being the same letters.


In the case of the uppercase letter Ñ, the code is: ALT + 0209 while for the same lowercase letter it is ALT + 0241. It is very likely that this type of information will help you a lot to write the underscore symbol on a pc or laptop .

Using a virtual keyboard

As the name itself indicates, just start the virtual keyboard that your operating system brings by default and look for the letter there. You don’t have to worry about the physical keyboard being disabled as both keyboards work in unison .

Selecting the equivalent key

In American keyboards there is no Ñ key, but there is a key which is the substitute for it. In general, you just have to press the key that has the semicolon printed, although this will depend in principle if the keyboard is configured in the Spanish language.

In case it is, it may be that when you type this character or type the euro symbol it is very different from a keyboard that is configured in another language.

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  1. Copy it from the clipboard
  2. Using the letter code
  3. Using a virtual keyboard
  4. Selecting the equivalent key
  • What is the reason why the Chromebook does not have the individual button for the letter ‘ñ’?
  • What keyboard shortcuts on Chromebook can you use to put the ‘ñ’?
  1. Right Alt + N
  2. Right Alt + Shift + N
  • How can you configure your Chromebook to put the letter ‘ñ’ in your texts?
  1. Modify the keyboard layout
  2. Add a new keyboard

What is the reason why the Chromebook does not have the individual button for the letter ‘ñ’?

The reason for this we already explained or mentioned to you, is because the keyboard as such is a peripheral that was made in the United States. If you compare a keyboard from this country with any other, you will notice that the layout of the keys changes a bit and along with it, its general structure.

One way to see the difference between an American and a Spanish keyboard is by considering the following:

  1. On Spanish keyboards there are two keys that follow the letter P
  2. On an American keyboard instead of two, there are three keys after the letter P on the right hand side.
  3. On Spanish keyboards the shape of the Ester key is shaped like a “q” while on American keyboards they are rectangular.
  4. The most notabledifference is that while the Ñ key appears on Spanish keyboards , on Americans it is replaced by the semicolon.

What keyboard shortcuts on Chromebook can you use to put the ‘ñ’?

The shortcuts to obtain the Ñ key are necessary as long as you have an American keyboard, otherwise, you will not have to choose the commands and shortcuts. The good thing is that when you type the @ on a mac , you don’t need so many commands or shortcuts as it is quite easy. Thus, these shortcuts are the following:

Right Alt + N

Keep in mind that in your keyboard there are two CTRL and two ALT, in this case, you have to make use of the aLT that is on the right side of the space bar.


You have to press this keyboard followed by the N key on your Chromebook to activate the special character , although it is much easier to have it copied to the clipboard and use the corresponding key combination.

Right Alt + Shift + N

In case the previous combination does not work for you, you can try the following combination right ALT + Shift + N. This is an alternative for those who do not work the previous method.

How can you configure your Chromebook to put the letter ‘ñ’ in your texts?

To do this as such, you have different options that you can try , always keeping in mind that each configuration or change you make will have a different result on your keyboard and on the system as such. For instance:

Modify the keyboard layout

This is linked to the number of keyboards that are installed on your laptop or computer. To do this you have to press the Windows key followed by pressing the space bar several times. In case no results are shown, it is because you do not have a keyboard installed.

Add a new keyboard

It is possible that the keyboard you currently have is configured in such a way that it omits the Ñ key. Therefore, it is recommended to add a new one and use that as the default. To do it, you just have to:

  1. You are going to press the Windows key
  2. Now you are going to go to the settings
  3. From here, you will select Time and Language and followed by language
  4. Locate the Preferred Languages ​​option and you will make sure that the language is the one with the keyboard that you currently have enabled.
  5. Now you are going to go to Options
  6. You are going to choose Add a Keyboard and now you will select the keyboardyou want to add
  7. Now you have to go back to the language settings and from there, select Add a Language
  8. You will choose the language that characterizes your region and that you want to use from the list. Now you go to next and from there you will review the characteristics of the languagethat you want to install on your computer.
  9. Now select install and wait for the process to finish.
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