How to make Boomerang with the recorded videos

Short videos are extremely funny and, thanks to the many special effects that cell phones currently have, they are tremendously popular on all social networks. One of the most used effects is the ‘Boomerang’ , famous thanks to the Instagram application and curious for its simple but entertaining effect.

However, it is not an exclusive effect of the popular photo and video platform. You can record videos or edit them to give them this peculiar effect using multiple applications. Learn how to create the Boomerang effect in any video and share it on all your social networks in a creative and ingenious way.

How to Make Boomerang with the Recorded Videos of your Mobile – Best Apps

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  1. How can Boomerang be created from the Instagram camera?
  2. What are the applications of your mobile that can be used to create Boomerang with your videos?
    1. WhatsApp
    2. Instagram
  3. Which video editors can be downloaded to create Boomerangs like a pro?
    1. Video-Loop
    2. Adobe Premiere
    3. Loop Video Maker
    4. boomerate

How can Boomerang be created from the Instagram camera?

Instagram stories are a great tool to maintain interaction with your followers. Take advantage of effects and other elements to attract attention, mixing question stickers with Boomerang videos . To do this, you just have to enter the Instagram application and slide your finger to the right .

With the app’s camera open, you’ll have multiple tools at your disposal to customize your story . On the left side, you will see some creation options, among which is ‘Boomerang’. Click there and record your video to enjoy this great effect, as well as other interesting tools.

What are the applications of your mobile that can be used to create Boomerang with your videos?

The Boomerang effect is so popular that several social applications have integrated it into their platforms so that users can create simple videos. Such is the case of the two most famous social networks in the world, which offer their users the possibility of creating stories with this effect.


For some time now, the world’s leading messaging app has added the Boomerang effect to its status editing tools . In this way, your users can create states that use this effect to customize their states with greater freedom and creativity.

Thanks to this function, users of the WhatsApp application have more options when creating their statuses, since the old tools were very poor in contrast to those of applications such as Instagram. They just have to enter the camera and click on the ‘Boomerang’ button or record a video and then edit it with that effect.


The app that made this cool video effect famous keeps it available to all of its users even though it has added so many other interactive filter and sticker features to its story customization tools.

You can activate it from the application’s camera and apply it to all your videos freely; although for this you will need to download the Boomerang application created by Instagram . This will enhance the editing options and increase the quality of your videos with the Boomerang effect.

Which video editors can be downloaded to create Boomerangs like a pro?

Although social applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp integrate the Boomerang effect, it is not a main function of them, so its power is not as high as it could be. To have a high level effect, you should use some professional editor like below.


The Loop Video app is mainly dedicated to loop effects , among which is the Boomerang effect. You just need to visit the app store and start downloading this simple yet powerful app.

Adobe Premiere

A full-fledged professional editor , it is available for mobile and desktop. It has many editing options and is quite comprehensive. Learn how to download it to your cell phone and take advantage of all its features.

Loop Video Maker

Another mobile app focused on looping video creation. In a few simple steps, it allows you to adjust any video to give it various effects, among which the Boomerang one stands out. It is ideal for creating videos for your Instagram stories or animated images in GIF format.


One of the most popular and complete applications to apply this effect to all your videos. Its functions are aimed at creating videos with a reverse loop , that is, a Boomerang effect. You can download Boomerate from the app store .


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