Why don’t the Instagram Reels appear and what to do?

In recent years and with the new updates to its application, Instagram users have migrated to the stories and Reels section to the detriment of standard publications, because they have more freedom to exploit creativity. Especially the Reels, which you can do with several photos in the form of a compilation as well as previously recorded videos.

And it is that Instagram Reels are one of the main complementary tools. Being a section where you can create short videos of 15, 30 and 60 seconds using the wide range of Instagram editing tools. However, like any other tool, this one tends to present problems. Reason why you should know why the Instagram Reels do not appear and what to do.

Why Don’t Instagram Reels Appear and What to Do?

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  1. What are the reasons why the Instagram application does not show you the Reels?
    1. You do not have the latest version of the app
    2. Your cache is full
    3. Your application is full of junk files
    4. The servers are not working
  2. How can you activate the Reels in the application of your Android or iPhone device?
    1. Get the latest version of Instagram
    2. Delete stored data
  3. What can you do to fix this error if you already have Instagram updated?
    1. Clear your cache
    2. Delete and reinstall Instagram
    3. Force stop with your mobile settings
    4. restart your device



What are the reasons why the Instagram application does not show you the Reels?

In general, the problems that Instagram can present in any of its sections or complementary tools, is due to an error on the device where you are entering the application. Although in the same way, the root of the problem can also come from the system’s servers, however this happens infrequently and is solved in a short time, depending on the severity of the problem.

Despite how tedious this type of problem can be, the methods available to solve them are totally simple, something that is solved in a matter of minutes and you can once again have access to the Instagram Reels, because this can happen for different reasons, it’s all a matter of determining the root of the problem , to know how to proceed according to the situation.

Therefore, below we will show you the possible reasons why the Instagram application does not show you the Reels.

You do not have the latest version of the app

The main reason why the Instagram mobile application may have operating problems is because it is outdated because it has not been updated in a long time. Generally, both Android and iOS mobile devices usually update these types of applications when connected to a WiFi network. However, said configuration can be changed without any consent when installing new files to the mobile.

Now, first of all you should check what version of Instagram you have installed on your mobile, which you can do from Google Play or the App Store depending on the operating system of your phone. All you have to do is search for the Instagram application in the application store, and press where it says ‘More information’ to view the ‘Version’ section. In the same way, you can also check what version of Instagram you have installed by entering the mobile settings menu.



Your cache is full

The cache of an application is all that data stored within the internal storage temporarily, to speed up the processing speed of the mobile when loading the key elements of an application. For example, on Instagram, its main function is to open the application where it was closed for the last time, with all its components and default settings.



Once you have emptied the cache of the Instagram application, it will be able to start all its components again, correcting errors in the process and allowing access to all its sections and complementary tools , including Reels. It is also important to mention that by clearing the cache, you can solve the problem that Instagram does not let you update the feed , because it originates from the same reason.

Your application is full of junk files

Frequently used applications such as Instagram often suffer from operating problems when they are full of junk files, which the application generates with daily use. Like cache data, it allows the app to run faster by not having to generate all the files, components, and data needed to open Instagram from scratch. Over time, these junk files can even exceed one gigabyte of storage in the internal memory of the mobile.

Although you can remove junk files from an app manually, in order to fix performance issues, it is recommended to use an app like Files Go by Google to automatically fix this problem effectively and safely. Since with it, in addition to eliminating junk files from Instagram, you can do it with all installed applications.

The servers are not working

Although it is not an error that occurs frequently, Instagram’s servers are susceptible to failure just like any other social network, which can lead to the application being denied full access or simply some complementary tools not working. , as is the case with Reels, which, being one of the most used functions on Instagram, are the first to be affected when the servers go down.

There are several ways to verify that the problem loading the Reels comes from the servers that are not working, and not from an internal problem of the mobile. The first option you have available is to locate the official Instagram account on other platforms such as Twitter or Facebook , to find a statement regarding the status of the servers in case of any problem.

How can you activate the Reels in the application of your Android or iPhone device?

Once you have determined the root of the problem for which the Reels section on Instagram fails to load, you can proceed to fix the error in the application. The available solutions are quite simple to apply in a matter of minutes, without the need to ask for help from technical support. To do this, you only need a good internet connection and follow the instructions below.

Get the latest version of Instagram

In order to download and update the Instagram mobile app on an Android device, it is recommended to be connected to a WiFi network and then follow the steps below.

  • Enter the official Google Play application store, by pressing the application iconthat appears on the mobile home screen.
  • Within the initial feed of Google Play, mark on the icon in the form of three parallel linesthat is located in the upper left corner.
  • Then an options menu will open, where you must click on the My apps and games section,to access all installed applications, locate Instagram in the list and tap on its icon.
  • Next, the Instagram window will open on Google Play, where the Update button will be available, in case there is a new version of the application to install. If you already have the latest version of Instagram, only the Open button will appear.
  • Wait for the update download to complete, then accept the necessary permissions to finish the process. Finally, click Open to start the application and enter the Reels section.

On the other hand, the process to update the Instagram mobile app on an iOS device is just as easy. Next, we will show you the steps to follow.

  • Make sure you are connected to a WiFi network and then from the mobile home screen, locate and open the official App Store application store.
  • Once you have entered the App Store, click on the Update buttonin the lower right corner. A red circle will appear over the button, indicating the number of applications with available updates to install.
  • In the list of applications with available updates, click on the Instagram iconand then on the Update button.
  • In this way, the application will begin todownload the update automatically , when it is installed you will receive a notification to be able to enter Instagram again.

Delete stored data

The process of deleting the application’s stored data should not be confused with clearing the cache, as this procedure is a bit more severe. Clearing the data will restore the app to its factory settings and therefore you will have to set it up from scratch, so it is recommended to back up important data stored on it. Then, to delete the data, follow the instructions below.

  • Enter the mobile settings menu, by searching for the gear-shaped icon on the home screen, or by sliding the screen down to open the quick access menu.
  • Then check the Applications and notifications section> All applications> Instagram, to enter the Application Information window.
  • Then tap on the Storage option, and in the next window press the Delete data buttonand confirm the process in the confirmation pop-up window.

It is important to mention that if you had the Instagram application synchronized with a virtual cloud, when you reopen the application you will still have access to all your data and settings. While if the application was stored only within the mobile, you will lose all the progress and settings made, with the exception of data that Instagram stores separately.

What can you do to fix this error if you already have Instagram updated?

In the event that after updating the Instagram mobile application to its latest version, it continues to have problems loading the Reels section or opening any other complementary tool, you should not despair. In these situations you still have several methods available to solve this problem , you just have to be patient and follow the steps that we will explain below.

Clear your cache

To clear the cache of the Instagram mobile application installed on a mobile device with Android operating system, from version 4.2 to 8.0 , you do not need to use any type of external application to carry out the process. You simply have to enter the mobile settings menu and follow the following path: Applications and notifications> All applications> Instagram> Storage, and here press the Delete cache button.

On the other hand, to clear the cache of the Instagram mobile application on a mobile with the iOS operating system, you have to go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage> Instagram , and within this window check the Uninstall App option.

In this way, the application will be uninstalled, but the data will continue to be stored on the mobile except for the cache. Once the process is complete, the Reinstall app option will appear to reinstall it.

Delete and reinstall Instagram

You can uninstall the Instagram application from the mobile settings, entering the Information window of the application. Although to speed up the process, you also have the option of long- pressing the application icon on the home screen , in this way a pop-up menu will appear with the Uninstall option available on the screen.

Then, you only have to enter the official Google Play application store or App Store according to your mobile operating system, locate the Instagram application in the search bar and download it again. In this way, all the components of the application will be installed from scratch, resolving any errors that have previously occurred.

Force stop with your mobile settings

Another option that you have available to start the Instagram application again, without the need to clear the data and cache, or having to uninstall the application, is by forcing the application to stop with your mobile settings. Go to Settings> Applications and notifications> All applications> Instagram, and in this window click on the Force close button.

restart your device

Lastly, after exhausting all the available options, try restarting your mobile device to fix any system errors that might be causing the problem with the Instagram app. You can also use the option to reset the device to the factory, although this option is more drastic and it is recommended to have prior knowledge, to prevent removing any essential component of the mobile.



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