Why does ‘Pending’ appear when you follow someone on Instagram – Request

Being one of the most popular and currently used social networks worldwide, there is still some ignorance about the proper use of Instagram, due to the new functions that are constantly added with each update. Since now Instagram is not only posts and stories, but you can also send self-deleting photos through direct messaging and much more.

To help registered users with the use of the application, Instagram usually sends notifications regarding platform news and how to apply them, although in general these are usually completely ignored. Therefore, with today’s article we hope to show you the reason why when you follow someone on Instagram it shows ‘Pending’ – Request.



Why does ‘Pending’ come out when you follow someone on Instagram? – Request

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  1. At what point will the Instagram profile stop having the ‘Pending’ of your request?
  2. What happens to the account if the follow request is rejected?
  3. What are the other differences in Instagram of public and private accounts?
    1. Only your followers will send you messages
    2. The posts are completely private
    3. Privacy will be the priority
  4. How can you change your public account to private on Instagram?
    1. With an Android mobile
    2. From an iOS device

At what point will the Instagram profile stop having the ‘Pending’ of your request?

Instagram profiles have two default privacy settings to select from, public and private. When a profile is public in the application, any user registered in it will be able to follow it automatically , in addition to that said profile will be available to be viewed by anyone, regardless of whether or not they are registered with Instagram.

On the other hand, if a user’s account is set to private, you’ll need to send a follow request in order to follow them , view their profile, and interact with the user. Setting a profile to private offers added security to an account, since only people to whom you grant permission will have access to your content, thus filtering out any unwanted contact.



In this way, while a user’s profile is configured as private, the only way it will no longer have the ‘Pending’ label is when they accept the follow-up request sent. In such situations, you must be patient and wait, unless you know the person to whom you sent the request and can communicate with them through another social network or messaging application.

What happens to the account if the follow request is rejected?

The only way to see a private Instagram is through the follow-up request sent being accepted by the user, and if the user does not do so , the Follow button will appear again on the person’s profile. As long as the request is rejected, you can resend as many follow-up requests as you like, although after the first time, the outcome is unlikely to change.

It is important to keep in mind that one of the main advantages of having a private Instagram profile is not only that you can reject a follow request, but also that you can leave said request on hold for as long as you consider necessary. In such a way, that it is possible to prevent another user from continuing to send unwanted follow-up requests.



What are the other differences in Instagram of public and private accounts?

According to the goals you have set within Instagram, and your privacy and security preferences, you can determine the type of profile you want to have within the application , between public and private. Since even though with a public account your posts can have a greater reach to increase your follower base, through a private account you can control the impact of your posts.

Next we will explain the main differences in Instagram of public and private accounts , so that you can select a privacy setting in the application.

Only your followers will send you messages

The main advantage of a private profile compared to a public one is that only people who are following you can send you direct messages through it. Therefore, you can completely block private contact with unknown accounts or with people you simply don’t want to have any contact with, thus completely improving the experience within the application.

Although at the same time, this can limit your experience on Instagram , since you are completely closing yourself off from the possibility of meeting new people who can help you improve your life in all kinds of facets. In addition to one of the main functions of social networks, is to establish a dialogue with people from all over the world and share experiences that optimize your social development.

The posts are completely private

Unlike public accounts, posts and stories published through a private account can only be viewed by your followers and not any user who enters your profile without following you, so they cannot be shared by direct message either. Making sure then that the posts made have a predetermined scope on the platform.

It is important to take into account that having a private account, your publications will not be able to appear in the Instagram browser as a suggestion for other users, which can hinder the growth of your account within the platform. Therefore, if your goal is to establish yourself as an influential profile on Instagram, it is not recommended to have a profile set to private.

Privacy will be the priority

Frequently used social networks such as Instagram are increasingly prone to being attacked by external elements, which is why having a private account is an efficient way to avoid Phishing or identity theft within the application, since this type of Cyber ​​​​attacks can cause both economic and personal damage , which requires a great effort to solve.

In recent times and with each new application update, Instagram has been including new security options and improving existing options , such as two-step verification. However, it is still necessary to use a profile’s private settings to protect yourself from unknown followers and false reports about your content, which can lead to indefinite suspension of your account.

How can you change your public account to private on Instagram?

Once you have considered all the advantages and disadvantages of having a private Instagram account and want to change your privacy settings, the steps to follow are quite simple and you can complete the process in a matter of minutes. Currently, it is possible to change a public account to private from any of the devices supported by the Instagram application, through the following steps.

With an Android mobile

  • Open the Instagram mobile app to log in to your personal account. If you don’t have the app installed yet, you can download it on Google Playin its full version or in its Lite version to save space.
  • Within the home feed of the application, tap on the thumbnail of your profile photothat is located in the lower right corner, within the options bar.
  • In this way you will enter the Profile section, where you must click on the icon in the form of three parallel lineslocated in the upper right corner, to open the drop-down menu of options.
  • Then click on the Configuration optionand in the next menu, on the Privacy section, at the top of this section, mark Account privacy.
  • Finally, you will be able to see the Private account option, to activate it you just have to slide the switch to the rightand the account settings will automatically change to private.

From an iOS device

  • Enter the Instagram mobile application, by clicking on the Instagram icon on the mobile home screen. To carry out this process without problems, it is recommended to have the application updated to its latest version, which you can do from the App Store.
  • Once you are at the start of your personal account, click on the head iconthat appears in the bottom menu of the screen, on the right hand side.
  • Now the Profile section will open, in which you have to click on the icon in the form of three vertical points, to open the tools menu.
  • Click on the Options section, and within this sectionlocate the Private account option and click on it to activate it.
  • Finally, after clicking on the Private account option, a pop-up window will appear with a confirmation message, which you must accept to finish the process.

It is necessary to highlight that the process of changing a public account to a private one can also be done from the official Instagram website for computers. Being a process similar to those previously explained, since you only have to enter Settings and then click on the Privacy and security section, where you will find the option to change the privacy of the account.


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