How to Reset People Album in Apple Photos from iPhone

Photos is one of the most useful apps to save our memories. Inside there is an album that collects the most frequent faces in our photos, so that we can assign them a name or a contact. Sometimes we may want to reset it to start from scratch, so we are going to see how to restore the album of people in Apple Photos from the iPhone .

In addition to editing the photos in this app and retouching the videos , we can have a much more organized photo library with very little effort.

Reset people album, first step

I recently noticed that two people in my photo album had merged. I don’t know if it was a mistake on my part or an iOS bug. The fact is that since there were hundreds of photos of each one, it was not feasible to delete one of them to assign them again . I only had one solution left: reset the people album.

To start with this album from scratch, we must follow these steps:

  • We open the Photos app and enter the People album.
  • If we had it configured, all the photos of people to whom we have assigned a name will appear here.
  • Press select and choose all of them.
  • Then click on Delete and confirm the dialog that will appear next.

In this dialogue we are told what will happen when we delete all the people. The photos remain , but the data associated with their names and faces disappears. They will also disappear from all the devices that we have associated with our Apple ID.

Add people back to the photo album

Once the faces are removed, you will have to wait for the iPhone to analyze your library again. To do this, leave it charging (I preferred to do it by cable) and locked . In this way and without the need to connect to the internet, the device analyzes all your photos on-device in search of people.

As the process progresses, you will see that these photos are grouped under the same “card” that represents a person. Obviously, you will not find absolutely all the people that appear in your photos because it would be impossible to organize . Yes, you will find those that are repeated the most, about 15 or 20 people.

To add a name to each person, just go to their “card” and do it at the top where it says “Add name” . As you type, you will see some suggestions from your contact list.

Confirm more photos of each person

You may not see all the photos of the same person and you miss some. The photo recognition process is slow and can take several hours if you have a lot of photos, so it doesn’t hurt to confirm more photos from time to time. To do this, do the following:

  • Enter a person’s card.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the ellipsis.
  • Select confirm more photos.

If there are more photos to confirm, the iPhone will show us all of them with a simple yes / no test . At the end, those photos will be assigned to the person.

Add people who are not in the initial album selection

As we said, it is possible that in the first “study” of our photos we will not see all the people we would like to have in the album. To do this, we must find a photo that does appear and follow this process:

  • Enter the photo and swipe up to show more options.
  • You will see that among other things a round thumbnail of the people in the photo are shown.
  • Choose the one you are looking for and give it a name as we have seen in previous sections.

Merge two groups of photos of the same person

Sometimes if a person has changed a lot over time, iOS can present them to you on two different cards. To unite them into one , just keep your finger pressing one of them and dragging it over the other. iOS will ask us if we want to merge the two and we will accept the option.


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The People Organized Photo Book is a great way to view your memories. When you have it ready, the iPhone will have prepared a small video or selection with the best of them . You can save it and share it with your contacts and groups of family and friends.

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