How to collect stickers from the 2022 World Cup virtual album

Panini has already released the virtual album of the World Cup in Qatar and you can check below how to collect the stickers.

Shall we exchange pictures? The official Qatar World Cup album is now out. In addition to the physical book, you can collect the stickers and paste the digital version, which is similar to the real one, through the website or Android application . Check out below how to complete your virtual Cup album and get various packs with players to use or trade.

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World Cup 2022 album (Image: Disclosure / Panini)

The virtual album is available in the web version, through the Panini website or as an Android application . There is a download link for the iOS app, but it is still inactive, which indicates that it may be released soon. First, you need to create an account on the FIFA website to login.

How to collect stickers from the virtual album

There are a few ways to get sticker packs to paste into your virtual Cup album. Upon completing your registration for the first time, three envelopes will be awarded. Daily, you will win at least one pack with five stickers to stick. If you are logged in, you can get two a day. It is worth noting that it is only allowed to open four packs per day.

Time needed:  10 minutes.

  1. Create a FIFA+ account;

After installing the app, you will be directed to create a FIFA+ account;

  1. On the home screen, on the right side, tap on the sticker pack;

This is the area where the packages you earn are located;

  1. With the envelope open, click on continue;

Stickers that are not repeated display a star in the corner;

  1. On the left side, click on “My stickers”;

In this area, all your stickers are available;

  1. Tap on a sticker and drag it to the album to paste;

The album will now open in the selection corresponding to the player on your chrome;

  1. Glue the figurine in the corresponding space;

Spaces to paste stickers you have display a “+” sign;

How to get packages with promo codes

In addition to the daily packages, you can earn some more through promotional codes. The codes are found on the back of physical sticker envelopes or on Coca-Cola products such as bottle caps. Some codes are available on the internet and can be used to earn stickers:

  • p005018662164;
  • FIFA2022play;
  • igotigotnes;
  • playfifa2022;
  • cocacolafifa;
  • amagiadeacreditar;

You can get packages through promotional codes (Image: Playback / Panini Sticker Album)

How to get stickers by scanning products

Another method to earn bonus packages is to scan Panini, FIFA or Coca-Cola products. Some sticker packs, the physical album and some cup-themed soda bottles can be scanned through your virtual album app. When you click on “Scan content”, you will be asked for permission to open the camera, position the product and wait for the app to read it.

It is possible to scan partner products to earn stickers (Image: Reproduction / Panini Sticker Album)

How to change the Cup’s virtual album stickers

The stickers that are repeated in your packs can be exchanged with other players. You need to tap and drag them to the swap area. Afterwards, tap on “Create a trade request” to define the criteria for the cards you want. When creating a new request, select characteristics such as country of selection, specific player or group of players and wait. The app will try to find other users with interests that match yours.

You can exchange stickers with users in your group of friends or around the world. A notification on the home screen will be displayed when an exchange possibility is found.

Exchange repeated stickers with other users (Image: Playback / Panini Sticker Album)

How many stickers does the whole album have?

The 2022 World Cup virtual album has 670 stickers in all. There are 32 teams, with 11 players in the virtual version and 18 in the physical one, as well as a sticker with the shield of each one of them. In addition, there are some Coca-Cola sponsor cards and special ones, from some players, that are not part of the collection and count as a bonus for the collector.

The virtual album is an alternative that does not require investment on the part of the collector to have fun, since it is not possible nor necessary to spend money to play and stay in the mood of the World Cup.


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