How to customize navigation alerts in Apple Watch

When we ask our Apple Watch to show us directions to go somewhere, our watch accompanies us along the route with touches on the wrist to get our attention. In addition, when we program the same route on our iPhone, the Apple Watch will also take care of the warnings.

Notices according to the use of our iPhone

These warnings, basically consisting of two different vibration patterns when we have to turn right or left, are tremendously useful in most situations. However, in some cases, this double warning, especially if we are already consulting our iPhone to follow the instructions , may be unnecessary. Fortunately, Apple allows us to choose when the Apple Watch will take care of giving us directions. The steps to adjust this preference are as follows:

  1. We open the Watchapp on our iPhone.
  2. We enter Maps.
  3. Under Notices of rotationactivate or deactivate warnings for when we drive , drive with carplay or walk .

In this way we can, for example, deactivate the car with CarPlay , if we use the car’s navigator , with its spoken warnings, to receive directions.


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Without a doubt, that our Apple Watch can notify us when we have to turn while we are walking through a city is very useful. Meanwhile, and that is already a matter of personal taste, warning us while we are driving may be perhaps too much. In any case, we can choose when we want to receive the notices.

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