How to report an account of an Uber driver that never arrives at the destination

Have you had a bad experience with an Uber driver recently? You can report a ride if an Uber driver partner never arrives in a few steps.

How Can I Report a Trip with an Uber Driver That Never Arrives


  • How to report an account of an Uber driver that never arrives at the destination
  • Reasons to report an Uber ride

How to report an account of an Uber driver that never arrives at the destination

To report a bad service by an Uber driver is very simple and you can do it from the application or from the website.

  • Enter the applicationfrom your mobile phone. If you don’t have it yet, you can download the App from the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Open the menu and select the option Your trips.
  • Search and choose the trip you want to notify.
  • Now choose the Help taband choose the available option of comments about the driver.
  • A series of possible situations that are the cause of the report will be shown, you must choose the one that most closely matches your personal experience. In this case, the selection must coincide with the fact that the driver did not arrive at the destination.
  • Write in detail everything about what happened so that they can corroborate the information.
  • When you finish, press the Send button.

Another way to make a claim is to contact Uber Trip Help by phone. They will attend to your case immediately and will help you as much as possible.

Reasons to report an Uber ride

For the Uber community, it is very important to enforce the values ​​that identify it as a brand and that all users feel safe using its services. That is why respect and kindness will always be a priority for them.

Uber constantly monitors its drivers . They even take a rigorous entrance exam , run regular checks, take user ratings into account, and abide by their own community standards.

Uber Community Guides

Everyone who signs up for Uber – riders and drivers – agrees to abide by a series of rules called community guides when using the service. The ideal is to maintain positive interactions between all people.

  • Treat everyone with respectand how you would like them to treat you
  • Be punctual
  • Avoid cursing and slamming doors. Display appropriate behavior at all times.
  • Leave the car in good condition and as you found it or you will be penalized.
  • Do not be rude. Aggressive and threatening behaviors are not tolerated on the platform.
  • Do not touch any strange person. This includes hitting or injuring a person.
  • Avoid unwanted contact. Harassment of other people is not tolerated in any way.
  • Discrimination is not allowed. Judging, disrespecting or attacking other people based on their marital status, physical appearance, gender identity or sexual orientation is prohibited.
  • Respect the traffic laws. Passenger safety is a priority at all times.
  • The use of seat belts is mandatory. It is also the driver’s responsibility to have the seat belts in good condition.
  • Value other people’s privacy and personal space while on an Uber ride.
  • No passenger can be contactedthrough social networks, or by instant messaging. This includes trying to visit the person.
  • The driver and vehicle data must match the information provided in the profile.
  • The driver will not be able to have an Uber account shared with other people.
  • If there are additional passengers, it can also be reported within the trip.
  • Property damage can also be reported if properly proven. Both the user and the driver may report any irregularity.
  • Finally, the user can notify Uber if the vehicle used by the driving partner is not in optimal condition. The car must be preserved and with up-to-date maintenance.

These types of rules were also created with the intention of protecting the driving partner against any problem that arises. But the main goal is for the entire Uber community to maintain a respectful relationship.

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