How to apply for an Uber driver Vacant

Going deeper and deeper into the different territories, it is quite common to find VTC services in our city, a type of transport that is giving so much to talk about with the conflict between taxis and Cabify, but which is still a good option for be a driver, in this case Uber. This is a type of license traditionally used by chauffeured car companies such as limousines. But what conditions must we meet to get behind the wheel?

Uber, an increasingly popular VTC service

Although both taxis and VTCs provide chauffeured vehicle services, there are some differences between the two. The first one is the hiring method. While VTCs use a prepaid service in which prices are calculated before hiring, taxis generally operate with a fee that is not paid until the end of the service.

This would be the first point to address about the increasingly well-known Uber, so being a driver of one and the other will also vary a lot. Therefore, these types of companies, among which Cabify is included as the main competition, work through mobile applications that connect travelers directly with drivers with the so-called VTC licenses.

These vehicles take the client to the place they need with the previous calculation of time and price relative to the journey. As they explain from their website, it is a service that is present in more than 700 cities around the world, where in Spain it operates in up to six cities: Madrid, Seville, Granada, Malaga, Córdoba and Valencia.

How to apply for an Uber driver position

Born at the end of 2009 in the United States as the first model of what it is today, the truth is that it is not so difficult to understand that in just over a decade they have been setting up a company with such demand and success in more than 700 cities from 400 countries. As we said, the only way to operate with Uber is by having a smartphone or a device.

To access the system, everything is done through the application, it is not possible another way, such as a telephone or by email. The use of it is very simple; When entering, we will indicate where we are and locate the closest Uber vehicles by type, and then select the vehicle and indicate where you want to go. Finally, the application makes an estimate of the cost of the route.

Also, to choose to be a driver of their cars, or purely an Uber driver, we have to take into account that we must meet a series of conditions, requirements, as well as several positions. And, as they have explained, their hiring process is a little different from what we can find in classic taxis. This, however, is considered as a job opportunity, but one must also take into account that entering it is not cheap at all (the price of the license, above all).

The management of VTC authorizations and their granting is the responsibility of the Autonomous Communities by delegation of the State. The inspection of services is also delegated to the communities, so to access as an Uber driver we will also depend on each territory.

Valid license, 4-door car, insurance …

Thus, to work as a driver for this service, we must pay attention to having a valid license , as well as having the vehicle insurance in our name, regardless of whether the owner of the car is not us. In relation to this, and depending on our city, it will be necessary to consider that some cities request a prior inspection to work as a driver, in this case from Uber.

With respect to the same vehicle, our car must have at least 4 doors , in addition to being in perfect condition and having air conditioning and a seat belt. In addition, the beneficiary cannot have fines either, but he must have driving experience.

Regarding the economic amount, the estimates of their salary (as of 2021) move around 1,095 gross euros, which would generate about 950 euros per month . For its part, it is important that we know that the regulations establish that the price of a VTC license is around 5,000 euros, although the high demand and the absence in many places of new authorizations is causing second-hand licenses to exceed the 50,000 euros. To opt for a position, the company directs us to its registration plan, which you can access from this link .

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